BREAKING NEWS: Mbete Announces Secret Ballot Vote!

South Africa’s National Assembly Speaker, Ms Baleka Mbete has just announced that the vote of no confidence is going to be done in secret.

This comes after a media briefing where Mbete addressed the nation as to whether the vote will be an open or secret ballot.

Tomorrow, August 8,  the nation will await the result of a motion of no confidence vote against South Africa’s President, Jacob Zuma.

Importance of Vote

Mbete started off the media briefing by explaining the importance of the motion of no confidence vote.

“I take this opportunity to present to the country my decision on the matter. I have taken this extraordinary approach in the interests of transparency and also having taken account of the huge interest in this matter which has been expressed in various quarters of society.”

Mbete’s Reasoning For Her Decision

According to Mbete, the Constitutional Court ruled that the vote was permissible, however they did not prescribe the voting procedure.

As National Assembly Speaker, Mbete was given the responsibility to decide how the vote was going to be made.

“I must determine this vote on a proper and rational basis,” added the speaker.

She justifies herself by saying that she sought legal advice.  She encouraged other political parties who have seats in parliament to assist in her decision.

“It is a potent tool towards holding the president to account. This decision is therefore in the best interests of the country.”

Tomorrow will, however, be judgement day for the President as the country will watch and wait to see what the final outcome of the vote will be.

Will tonight be Zuma’s last day as South Africa’s President or will this be a never ending political struggle?







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