The Bare Truth About Naturism In South Africa

If we were meant to be nude, we would have been born that way.

At least, that’s what everybody practicing naturism has been saying this past week. Some may disagree.

A few days ago, Public Protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane finally ruled against turning Durban’s South Coast beach into a nudist area.

This comes after the Ray Nkonyeni (formerly Hibiscus Coast) Municipality approved an application for nudists on Mpenjati Beach. Mkhwebane said that the Municipality should not have approved the application and had breached its own anti-nudity policies.

This will come as a relief to the Concerned Citizens Group, which has been opposing the proposed project since the beginning.

“This is what they should have done three years ago; reject the application,” said the CCG’s Reverend Mike Effanga. “They should have told the nudists to go be naked in their bathrooms like everybody else.”

Effanga went on to say; “Laws are informed by morality and if you break the laws, you are offending morality.”

So, clearly, some people aren’t a fan of naturism.

A few decades ago, naturism (or nudism) may have been pretty taboo. People would avoid even talking about it. But today, more and more South Africans are taking it all off and getting on board. It’s still very much illegal to appear nude in public in South Africa, but there are a number of beaches and resorts where people have been turning a blind eye to this sort of activity.

Let’s start off with the most famous of all…

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Unofficial Nudist Beaches

Close to the town of Llandudno, Sandy Bay (Cape Town) is South Africa’s most well-known nudist beach.

It’s not easy to access the beach, and with good reason. There are only two ways down. Visitors can take a 20 minute stroll from the car park at the northern end of Hout Bay, or scramble over the rocks from the car park at the southern end of Llandudno.

Despite the unofficial status, the beach has long been used by nudists. The car parks are often full, so you’ll have to get there early or walk a little further – hopefully still wearing your clothing. For accommodation close by to Sandy Bay, Sun Kissed Villa is a naturism-only stay.

Likewise, the steep dunes and sheltered coves of Clifton beach remain popular with sunbathers.

In Umhlanga (KZN), at the mouth of the Ohlanga lagoon, there is another popular but unofficial nudist beach.

The area, however, has seen a fair bit of crime in the past and the use of this area by naturists is lessening as Durban clamps down on nudity. Non-nudist walkers and families who began to frequent the area have also laid a number of complaints about nudism.

Naturism in Accommodation and Resorts

Butt Nothing (Port Elizabeth) offers self-catering naturist accommodation. Located nearby to many of PE’s attractions, guests may enjoy ‘enough space to relax in secure, secluded, tranquil surroundings.’

If you prefer to work on your tan in private, they recommend getting in among the dunes on the local beaches.

The Kiepersolkloof Private Nature Reserve claims to be the oldest private naturist area in South Africa. Situated in the North-West Province, they encourage visitors to leave their clothes and their woes back in the city. They offer camping facilities with electricity, as well as self-catering cottages. No singles are allowed.

Located about 50km from Pretoria, the Sun Eden Naturist Resort is another firm favourite. Visitors may go about in the nude all day long, or alternatively you may wear a towel. Clothing is outlawed. The club house features a bar and a number of activities. Play pool naked. Throw darts naked. Watch sport naked.

The resort regularly throws parties, and even attempts to break the world record for skinny-dipping.

The Bare Truth

Going about in the nude takes a certain type of confidence and courage. There is, however, a time and a place. Unfortunately, there are many sick, perverted people out there and everybody needs to be vigilant.

When it comes to children, most naturist resorts will allow anybody under the age of 18 to leave their clothing on.

For more information on events all over South Africa, keep an eye on websites such as SANNA, who regularly update their calendar.

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