Did You Know That These Apps Were Made In SA?

The smartphone has made the entire world accessible at just the touch of the screen. We are now able to search information, make payments, and find that catchy song you heard on the radio. There is no doubt that smartphones have revolutionised the world we live in.

We thought we would take a look at five of the best locally made apps, and bask in the sheer ingenuity of our fellow South Africans.

1. SnapScan

This is an app that we simply cannot live without! In a recent survey, an audience were asked if they were to leave their phone at home, or their wallet, which would they turn back for? 80% of the audience responded to their phone.

Therefore, what could be easier than having a payment solution on your phone? Should you not have cash on you, it’s no problem! Simply whip open the app, click, and voila! Payment made. What’s even better is that now, most markets, restaurants, and even car guards carry SnapScan codes.

It doesn’t end there, download SnapScan in WeChat, and every time you make a purchase, you can get money back.


Have you seen the extreme coupon phenomenon in the US and wondered why we don’t have that option here? Well, look no further! The genius of the SNAPnSAVE app is its simplicity!

Log on before you set off on your shopping trip and see which items are being listed. Buy the items as you usually do and, when you get home, snap a picture of your till slip in the app. Each item will earn you cash back.

Many people are boasting of earning around R300 per month back!

WhatsApp 076 888 4931.

3. Flapp

Have you ever been caught needing to book a last-minute, urgent flight from Cape Town to Johannesburg? Well, this is the ultimate solution for you! Within seconds, you can search, book, and pay for a flight, even if it’s taking off in the next two hours.

This is the PA’s dream app. The functionality is easy and the information is accurate and on time. You could even find yourself picking up a few discounts on the app.

4. GoBeauty

Ladies, listen up, this is for you! Have you ever been stuck in a quiet office, knowing that you need to make that last minute hair appointment or, even worse, wax session? Or, been stuck without your regular therapist and need to find a replacement close to you? Well, GoBeauty is your solution.

Designed to take the familiar and unnecessary back-and-forth out of booking appointments, the app simplifies the process completely. Simply log on, search for your treatment, and select your time and date. You could even get a great price on the treatment.

Described by Jeremy Maggs as the Uber for Beauty, it is one of the most revolutionary technologies to hit the beauty industry.

5. Latest Sightings

This has been named as one of the top five most innovative apps, within the culture and tourism industry, in the world! South African student, Nadav Ossendryver, accepted the award in Singapore in June 2016. The app makes use of crowdsourcing functioning, as well as social media, to inform tourists of where the latest birds and animals can be spotted in and around South Africa.

There have been concerns about the app, with authorities stating that it could cause a lot of concern about poaching. However, Ossendryver states that he created the app out of sheer love of the Kruger National Park.

He also says his now-thriving business has “worked closely with SANParks and will continue to do so through firstly, protecting our precious wildlife and, secondly, enriching people’s wildlife experiences.”

We are just blown away at his award for the app!

6. uGoMyWay

This proudly South African app hopes to ease the burden of traffic, as well as lighten the cost of fuel, for motorists all over the country. It is a revolutionary app that connects drivers who are going in the same direction, with less than a five-minute deviation to travel with. It has a secure chat function that allows you to discuss the ride and payment. Payment can also be done over the app, securely, and fuss-free. The app has started by promoting ‘Carpool Wednesday’ to initiate the carpooling mindset. 


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