5 Smart Home Security Devices For The Holidays

It’s that time of year when everyone gets ready for summer vacation, which means that your home is empty.

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Here Are 5 Smart Home Security Devices

Instead of spending your holiday worrying about whether or not your house is protected, you can keep a watchful eye over your home with these smart connected devices.

1. Netatmo Tags

These waterproof tags can be placed on anything that opens – gates, doors, and windows – and send you alerts when they are opened.

The tags can sense vibrations, which means that they can alert you even before the door or window is opened.

These tags do not work as standalone intrusion devices and require the Netatmo Welcome Camera in order to work.

Cost: R1699 at the iStore (for a pack of three).

2. Netatmo Welcome Camera

The Netatmo Welcome Camera is a connected camera with built-in facial recognition.

It has a 130-degree field of vision and infrared night vision.

Thanks to the facial recognition technology, it will be able to tell you when your children, or any other family member or loved one, is at your home while you’re away.

It comes with an 8GB SD card to store video footage, which you can also watch from your computer. But, this can be replaced with a larger SD card if you wish.

The Welcome Camera needs a wi-fi connection and a power source in order to work.

Cost: R4299 at the iStore or from R3699 on Pricecheck.co.za.

3. Eve Door And Window

Like the Netatmo Tags, the Eve Door and Window devices have sensors which alert you when a door or window is opened.

Unlike the Netatmo, it can work without a smart camera.

The Door and Window setup forms part of a larger range of products, which include a room sensor and other devices.

Cost: R899 at the iStore.

4. Yale Keyless Smart Connected Lock

Yale has created a smart lock that you can open using a PIN, RF tag, or a sticker that you place on the back of your phone.

One of the many great features of the Yale Smart Lock is that you can create a temporary PIN for guests. Furthermore, it also retrofits most 60mm nightlatches.

There is also a version of the smart lock which uses biometrics to unlock the door!

Cost: R3950 (dependant on variant and supplier).

5. Mul-T-Lock GotU

Mul-T-Lock has created a connected door viewer that’s activated when someone rings your doorbell.

It lets you take photos and a video of the area surrounding your door in realtime.

It has a built-in motion sensor, night vision, and internal storage.

No price available at present.

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