6 Of The Best Apps For The Weekend

Living for the weekend is a phrase that many of us know (and use). But, sometimes, things don’t always work out the way they’re meant to, and your weekend ends up being less exciting than you’d hoped.


We’ve rounded up some of our favourite apps to help you get through the weekend:

1. The Entertainer

With well over 1000 buy-one-get-one-free offers, The Entertainer is a must for all socialites, and even non-socialites.

The vouchers range from meals at restaurants, to one-night-free accommodation, to spa days and activities in cities across SA.

The more you save, the more rewards you gain access to.

Available on Android and iOS.

Cost: R495.

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2. Taxify

You’ve heard of Uber, but have you heard of Taxify?

Like Uber, Taxify is an app-based car request service.

It too lets you request a car from your location and shows you the make of the car, license plate, and a picture (+ the name) of the driver.

Like its competitor, Taxify also has a star-rating system and you can pay via card or cash.

The best part about Taxify though? It’s cheaper than Uber X.

Available on Android and iOS.

Cost: Free.

3. Bottles

Having a party and short of booze?

Bottles is an on-demand alcohol delivery service. All you need to do is install the app on your phone and then find the type and quantity of alcohol you’re looking for.

The service aims to have your booze at your door in 60 minutes or less.

Available on Android and iOS.

Cost: Free.

4. Shark Spotters

If you’re going to be surfing in Cape Town this summer, then you’ll want to know the beach conditions before you get there.

Shark Spotters is a locally-made app that provides you with that information.

It lets you know whether there have been any shark sightings, which flags are currently deployed at the beach you’re interested in (as well as what the flag means), and whether or not the shark exclusion barrier has been deployed in Fish Hoek.

Available on Android and iOS.

Cost: Free.

5. Houseparty

Remember Meerkat? That was the app hoping to compete with Periscope in the live-streaming arena.

Well, Meerkat didn’t do quite as well as Periscope (it doesn’t even exist anymore). But, the creators of that app have created a new app, in secret, and it’s called Houseparty.

Essentially, Houseparty is an app for video chatting with your friends when you’re at the same event (or houseparty), but you’re not chilling together.

You can group video chat with up to 7 people (that makes it 8 including yourself). Opening the app immediately starts a broadcast using the front-facing camera. The app also then notifies any of your friends in the vicinity that you’re now broadcasting.

Whether or not this is something you’ll actually use remains to be seen, but everyone loves a novelty app.

Available on Android and iOS.

Cost: Free.

6. Calm 

Had a hectic weekend and need a moment to breathe? Calm is the app to help you achieve that.

The app has various programs which help you learn to meditate, calm down, and relax.

It also has programs which help you improve your sleep.

Available on Android and iOS.

Cost: Free.

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