Car Accidents: December 2015 Vs. 2016

Transport Minister Dipuo Peters released the 2016/17 festive season road crash and fatality figures. These showed a 5% increase from December 2015.

The Main Reason For The Increase In Accidents

In the past two years, deaths, as a result of car accidents over the festive season on South Africa’s roads, has steadily increased. Peters believes the majority of the car accidents were due to driver incompetence.

“Ladies and gentlemen, as we reflect on the 2016 festive period, we are prepared to expose the harsh truth behind the mayhem that the country has experienced and admit the period’s shortcomings.”

Peters went on to say, “The fact that an overwhelming majority of fatal crashes were as a result of a single motor vehicle overturning, and head-on collisions, points to the incompetence of our drivers to handle their motor vehicles.

This buttresses the point and aspersion of rampant corruption within our Drivers Licencing Testing Centres (DLTCs). This is compounded by the voluntary collusion, and participation by our road users in their unflinching desire to acquire driver’s licences.

There is an influx in our roads of drivers who are not competent and qualified to be driving on our roads. Such drivers lack appreciation and comprehension of the importance of roads signs and golden rules of the road.”

Here Are The Stats For Festive Season Car Accidents

2016/2017 Stats For Festive Season Car Accidents

Fatal car crashes: 1714 (Up 4.95%)

  • 40% of all deaths were passengers
  • 34% of all deaths were pedestrians
  • 24% of all deaths were drivers

Unroadworthy cars: 6805 suspended and 2501 impounded.

Drunk driving and speeding violations: 3401.

Roadblocks: 432 roadblocks across the country.

Fines issued: 453 263.

18 people were arrested for travelling between 180km/h and 239km/h. The highest speed offender was arrested in Gauteng on the R21 near Tshwane. He was travelling in a Mercedes-Benz at 239km/h.

2015/2016 Stats For Festive Season Car Accidents

Fatal car crashes: 1629

  • 38.3% of all deaths were passengers
  • 34.9% of all deaths were pedestrians
  • 23.9% of all deaths were drivers
  • 2.8% of all deaths were cyclists

Unroadworthy cars: 5710 impounded.

Drunk driving and speeding violations: 6808.

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Addressing Incompetent Drivers

Peters said, “I have instructed the Road Traffic Management Corporation to undertake an audit of how driving licences, as well as roadworthy certificates, are processed and issued in our testing stations. This is so that we can have an appreciation of how it is possible that so many incompetent drivers and un-roadworthy vehicles could be on our roads. Equally important is to understand the role played by private testing stations and driving schools in facilitating the issuing of documents to unqualified motorists.”

Peters will also look to implement driving lessons into South African highschools through means of simulated driving classes. She believes this will give young drivers a proper understanding of driving and a high regard for safety on the roads.


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