Avoid South Africa’s Most Frequent Car Crash Scams

You have just had a car accident and both parties think they are in the wrong. But what about the times when the other bender fender ends up being the villain and scams you, leaving an impossible bill?


How to avoid popular car crash scams

The Crash For Cash Scam


The one is done by forcing you into an accident where you are not to blame. Often a car ahead of you will slow down, forcing you to also drive slower, then a second scammer will overtake the car and brake abruptly.

The intended result is that you crash into the slow car ahead of you, putting you at fault and responsible for any damages.

How To Avoid The Scam: Always be aware of the cars around you, and especially if you are behind a slow car which is suddenly overtaken by a fast one. Slow down and keep a large following distance between you and the car in front.

The Bad Samaritan


This one is pulled after an accident or breakdown has already occurred. A supposedly good Samaritan will approach you claiming to be a lawyer, insurance expert, doctor or any other professional. This is usually to obtain your personal insurance details which can be used to make false claims under your name.

How To Avoid The Scam: Do not give your insurance details out in person or over the internet unless you are 100% certain that they are from your insurance company.

The False Merge


This occurs when you want to merge onto a highway or busy street, the car in front of you sees this then slows down and signals for you to pass.

Once you are moving around, the driver of the car will then take their foot off their brakes, and you risk hitting their car while merging into the lane.

How To Avoid This Scam: Be wary of drivers who suddenly slow and signal frantically for you to pass them, always keep a safe distance between the two of you, and watch out for if the driver speeds up suddenly.

Always remember to keep your car insurance policy with a reputable company, one that you can trust should you fall victim to any car crash scam.

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