Blast From The Past: Terrorist Attacks Over The Past 10 Years

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The recent Paris attacks re-opened a can of worms, drawing out tragoc memories from the past. Here's an overview of the past 10 years and the terrorist attacks that left many scars.

United Kingdom, 2005, July 7


The London subways, and a bus were literally blown away by four suicide bombings, killing 52 rush-hour commuters.


The killers. Shehzad Tanweer, Jermaine Lindsay, Mohammed Sidique Khan, & Hasib Hussain were identified as British al-Qaeda.


Denmark, 2005 –  2010

Cartoonists are targets by jihad extremists.


In 2005, Jyllands-Posten printed a cartoon depicting the cartoon of Prophet Mohammed, igniting a jihad against Denmark.


The cartoons reprinted in 2008 by Danish newspapers in support of freedom of speech also featured one of Mohammed with a bomb as a turban, drawn by Kurt Westergaard.


This stirred protests across the Muslim world and a plot to murder the cartoonist was set in motion. Although the suicide bombing of the Danish embassy in Islamabad went smoothly, the killing of Mr Westergaard was prevented in 2010.

France, 2011, November 2


Charlie Hebdo’s offices were rocked by an explosion from a Molotov cocktail. The attack came after a special edition of the weekly was released on newsstands featuring cartoons of Mohammed. Fortunately no one was hurt.


France, 2012, March

The south western town of Toulouse experienced terrorism in the form of a French petty criminal who swore loyalty to the al Qaeda.


He shot a rabbi, three Jewish children, and three French soldiers.


United Kingdom, 2013, May 22

British soldier, Lee Rigby, was attacked by two converted muslims, Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adobowale.


They initially drove into him, then attempted to hack off his head with a meat cleaver. They clearly declared their reasons as retribution for the British military actions abroad, while passers by watched attempts to behead the soldier.


Belgium, 2014, May 24


Mehdi Nemmouche, who had ties to the Islamic State, was arrested and charged with murder. He was accused of being the gunman who shot down four people at the Jewish Museum in Belgium Brussels.


Canada, 2014, 22 October


The last terrorist attack on Canada was in 1966, before Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, an ex convict who attempted to fly to Syria to join the Islamic State changed all that.


During his attempt leave for Syria, he proceeded to open gunfire on troopers. Michael was shot dead by police at the scene.


Australia, 2014, December 14

Man Haron Moronis, an Iranian immigrant terrorised a Sydney cafe for 16 hours, after which police stormed the area. Mr Monis and two other hostages were killed.

Terrorist Attacks In 2015

  • January 2015 – 30 terrorist attacks

  • February 2015 – 13 Terrorist attacks

  • March 2015 – 22 Terrorist Attacks

  • April 2015 – 20 Terrorist Attacks

  • May – 26 Terrorist Attacks

  • June – 30 Terrorist Attacks

  • July – 39 Terrorist Attacks

  • August – 31 Terrorist Attacks

  • September – 16 Terrorist Attacks

  • October – 50 Terrorist Attacks

  • November – 35 Terrorist Attacks so far


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