You Had A Car Crash With A Tourist, Now What?

On any a day in Cape Town, you can walk down the street and hear various accents floating your way.

With South Africa being one of the most incredible, diverse, and intriguing countries on the map, we get used to having hordes of tourists around, and that includes on the road.

With rental companies, like CarTrawler and Rent A Cheapie (to name a few), the list is endless for tourists to get mobile and on the roads. But, what would you do if a tourist had to hit your vehicle? Who would pay?

What To Do In a Car Crash With a Tourist

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According to MiWay Insurance, the procedure would be fairly similar to that of a local driver, apart from the type of information required by the tourist driver.

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1. Safety First

It is important that you ensure the scene is safe for both parties, as well as any other vehicles on the roads. Attend to any injured persons, but only if you have sufficient first aid experience.

2. Call An Ambulance

If the driver or any passengers need medical assistance, notify emergency services immediately.

3. Call Your Insurance Provider

They can assist you in finding a tow-truck, or to move vehicles that are obstructing the road. Ensure that you only use towing authorised by your insurer.

4. Stay Put If Property Is Damaged Or Injuries Occur

In cases where property got damaged or injuries have occurred during the crash, you need to remain on the scene until the police arrive and permit you to leave the scene.

5. Get Information From The Other Driver

This is what you need from the other driver:

  1. Full name
  2. ID number / Passport number
  3. Country of origin
  4. International driving licence details
  5. Details of their location whilst visiting South Africa (hotels, family, etc.)
  6. Address abroad
  7. Telephone details (both local and abroad)
  8. Car registration number
  9. Descriptions of the car (e.g.: car brand, model, and colour)
  10. Details of police and traffic officers and ambulance personnel
  11. Details of tow truck persons
  12. Photos of the crash scene and damages incurred
  13. In cases where diplomats are involved, the police attending to the scene will inform the necessary office

6. Report Within 24 Hours

You will need to report the accident to the police or traffic office within 24 hours. Both parties need to be present at the same time. You will need to submit your name, address, vehicle registration number, and driver’s licence at the police station or traffic office.

If you are unable to report the accident immediately, because you are hurt, you must do as soon as possible and explain why there has a been a delay in reporting the accident.

It is an offence not to report an accident in which property was damaged or injuries were sustained, even if both parties do not wish to take legal actions. Make sure you get a copy of the accident report for insurance purposes.

7. Do Not Admit Fault In a Statement

Many experts recommend refraining admitting fault, whether in an official statement or verbal, as it is better to let insurance experts decide who was at fault. It is in your best interests to recollect the scene and how it played out to your best ability, but do not concede that it was your fault.

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