Black Monday Didn’t Unite People, But The Joburger Did!

23-year-old South African native, Louwrence van Niekerk, AKA The Joburger has been making headlines recently. When Van Niekerk decided to post a silly question on his Facebook page, he definitely didn’t expect the response he got.

In light of the recent racial tension that swept the country during the Black Monday Farmer protests, Van Niekerk decided to use social media in response.

Van Niekerk moved to London just three months ago and claimed that he was feeling home sick and wanted to be reminded just how special South Africa is, and that’s exactly what he managed to do…


The #F*@kRacism Campaign

The Joburger Facebook page was founded last year, with Van Niekerk ranting about life and his anger towards racism. He used the hashtag, #F*@&Racism to encourage different cultural groups to interact.

His social media stardom started with him simply asking each race to ask each other burning questions that they have always wanted to know the answer to. So this is what he did…

The post was followed by this one…

We did some research and have sourced some of the best questions that South Africans asked each other.

Top 5 Questions Black People Ask White People







Top 5 Questions White People Ask Black People






Top 5 Questions Black And White People Ask Indians







The Future Of The Joburger

Since Van Niekerk posed the questions to South Africans, he has been receiving a lot of praise.  These posts created a genuine conversation among South Africans, while some, at first, might have thought it would receive negativity and backlash. Some people on social media have even encouraged him to compile a book of all the responses.

He has in fact, done a follow up series, asking different racial groups what they love the most about each other.

Van Niekerk has also asked people to post pictures of themselves with other South Africans of different races and share their stories.

Thousands of South Africans have since responded by sharing their stories and pictures. The Joburger has reassured people that they must ‘watch this space’ as he has more to come.

So now that you have read our favourites, tell us your burning questions!

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