Crystal Web Enters The Mobile Arena

Crystal Web is the latest company to jump into the world of mobile offerings. The company now offers mobile data over Vodacom’s last mile network.

As part of the launch offer, the company is offering you the first month at just R1 for any data bundle up to 3GB!

After the first month is over, standard rates apply. But, these are up to 33% cheaper than standard mobile data rates offered on other networks.

Crystal Web’s Standard Monthly Rates Are:

Product Price
Mobile Play 500MB R69.00
Mobile Moment 1GB R99.00
Mobile Master 2GB R199.00
Mobile Pro 3GB R299.00


Crystal Web has also promised that it has killed off Out-Of-Bundle rates with this product.

“What we uncovered is that with the latest mobile data speeds, a customer can end up with a R20 000 bill for accidental out of bundle data transfers in under 30 minutes. We’ve killed that option in our product suite. Customers choose, instead, to upgrade once they’ve run out of data” said Crystal Web CEO, Shaun Kaplan.

If you’re an existing Vodacom contract subscriber, you can switch to Crystal Mobile data by changing your APN details. If you’re a Vodacom prepaid or non-Vodacom subscriber, you will receive a pre-provisioned SIM card from Crystal Web.

Crystal Web has launched February madness month, which offers  DSL data for just R1 for the first month.

Kaplan says that this is a sign of things to come from Crystal Web, “We’ll be releasing new products, services and pricing this year, and there are some very big surprises waiting in the wind for Crystal Web customers. We can’t wait to release them.”


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