What You Can Expect From The Google Maps New Facelift

Google prides itself on being on the forefront of innovation and cutting-edge technology. With this in mind, they have recently released some great new upgrades to their Google Maps App. With these upgrades, they are making life that much easier for you to see what is going on around you. They are also heightening functioning around public transport. The three main upgrades centre around Driving, Transit, and Places. Simply swipe up and tap on the option that you are looking for.

Checking What Is Around You

With the upgrades, you can now simply tap to see where the closest ATM is to you. Or swipe up to check if there is a restaurant that you can pop into for lunch. The features have been added to make it easier for you to check what the area around you looks like. So, if you are in need of a petrol station, pharmacy, or shop, you can simply check the app. The app will also allow you to easily see the top cheapest places to eat in the area. Or, if you are looking for places for a business lunch, simply do a search! If you are in an unfamiliar neighbourhood, the new features will start providing you with descriptions of where you are.

When Is The Next Train Leaving?

The upgrades will also include simply tapping the app to see when the next train or bus leaves. If you are looking for public transport, you can now easily find a station near you. The upgrades will also provide real-time schedules in most major cities.

Get Me Home 

The transit tabs have also been improved to be able to see what the traffic is like around you. By adding regular address’s like home and work, you can see what traffic looks like at a glance. You can now shortcut to driving mode without getting the directions.

Finally, you can soon expect to see a feature where you can check if there is available parking at your destination.  Should you need parking at an airport or shopping centre, the app will be able to indicate how much parking is available at any given time.


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