Is It In Your Neighbourhood? What Is Wireless Fibre?

High speed internet is becoming more common these days thanks to the introduction of Fibre, however when it comes to wireless internet, we’re still limited to ADSL speeds which are slower than the lightning fast speeds of fibre, but did you know that wireless fibre is here?

Wibre, a Cape Town based company, is looking to change that with the introduction of a new self-named service.

Wibre is wireless fibre internet and promises faster wireless internet connection speeds (from 4mbps to 100mbps) than traditional Wi-Fi.

How does it work?

Wibre uses a combination of fixed wireless, high speed microwave and fibre optic technology to deliver broadband directly to your home or business. You’ll need a  small antenna dish which is placed on your roof and aimed towards one of Wibre’s towers.

This might sound a lot like satellite but it is indeed different.

Satellite internet requires your signal to be sent to low orbiting satellites and back while Wibre sends your signal to high sites which are still on Earth.

As is the case with satellite internet, Wibre requires line of sight from your building (where the antenna dish is placed) to Wibre’s high sites. The company does offer a free site survey to check whether or not your location will be suitable for Wibre technology.

Unlike satellite internet, Wibre is not affected by rain.

Why would you choose Wibre?

  •    If ADSL is too slow and unreliable
  •    You don’t want to wait for installation (installation is completed within days)
  •    If you’re unable to get any other internet service where you are
  •    You need a faster internet solution equivalent to fibre
  •    You don’t have to rely on old slow copper lines
  •    Wibre has a symmetrical connection which means that your uploads are the same speed as downloads
  •    Able to provide static Public IP’s
  •    No land lines needed
  •       Business wireless services are unshaped and uncapped
  • Wibre is extremely future-proof, as the internet speeds can be increased quickly and remotely. This means you only pay for what you need and when your internet needs grow, you don’t have install new technologies
  •       You have the ability to combine data, VoIP and video. No heavy congestion issues which  results in faster speeds and lower latencies.

If you’re looking for Wibre for your home, the packages are as follows :

2 Mbps 4 Mbps 10 Mbps
Monthly cost (excl. vat) Sold out at time of publication R899 R1350
Setup fee (once-off) From R1500 From R1500 From R1500
Static IP No No No
Bandwidth Uncapped Uncapped Uncapped
Shaping High priority after business hours High priority after business hours High priority after business
Speed (down/up) 2Mbps / 512k 4Mbps / 1Mbps 10Mbps / 2Mbps
Contention ratio 15:1 15:1 15:1

If you’re interested in wibre for your business then the options are:

10 Mbps 20 Mbps 40 Mbps 60 Mbps
Monthly cost (excl. vat) R1999 R3999 R7999 R9999
Setup fee (once off) From R1500 From R1500 From R1500 From R1500
Static IP Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bandwidth Uncapped Uncapped Uncapped Uncapped
Shaping Unshaped Unshaped Unshaped Unshaped
Speed (down/up) 10Mbps / 10Mbps 20Mbps / 20Mbps 40Mbps / 40Mbps 60Mbps / 60Mbps
Contention ratio 3:1 3:1 3:1 3:1


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