How To Get Cash Back When You Fill Up With Fuel

With the price of petrol fluctuating more than your feelings about Donald Trump, or the recent SONA, it’s safe to say South Africans are trying to scrimp and save wherever possible.

How To Get Cashback When You Refuel At BP Or Shell

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Luckily, Clicks and Discovery have come to the party and offer you cashback rewards whenever you fill up at selected BP and Shell fuel stations. Furthermore, customers can enjoy up to 50% cashback when they fill up or commute using the Gautrain.

Cashback With Your Clicks ClubCard

Clicks has teamed up with Shell South Africa to offer customers rewards when they fill up with fuel. 

For every one litre of fuel you fill up, you will receive one Clicks ClubCard point. 

“The more litres you purchase, the more points you earn, and the greater your cashback.”

Cashback is loaded onto a customer’s ClubCard six times a year and can be redeemed at any Clicks, GNC, or Claire’s stores nationwide. 

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Cashback With Discovery

As a Discovery Insure client, you can easily earn up to 50% (up to R800) of your BP fuel spend back every month.

Make sure you activate VitalityDrive on your Plan to immediately qualify for fuel rewards. To maximise your rewards percentage to up to 50%, you need to do two things:

  1. Insure your household contents or building (or both) for a minimum of R250 000.
  2. Take your car to Tiger Wheel & Tyre and pass an Annual MultiPoint check. The check costs R95.

How To Increase Your Cashback Rewards With Discovery

  Essential Plan car and home insurance Classic and Executive Plan car and home insurance Motorcycle and home insurance
Immediate rewards Up to 10% Up to 20% Up to 10%
Rewards for passing a Tiger Wheel & Tyre Annual MultiPoint check Up to 25% Up to 50% Up to 25%

Remember to swipe your VitalityDrive card every time you fill up at BP.

For more on fuel rewards, check out the Discovery Insure ‘Rewards’ page.

What To Do When You Fill Up At BP Or Shell With Discovery

  1. When paying for your fuel, simply give your VitalityDrive card to the BP or Shell petrol attendant and ask them to swipe it.
  2. You will receive a slip for each transaction which you can keep as proof.
  3. If a BP or a Shell service station does not have a swipe facility simply email the slip to

How Your Fuel Rewards Are Calculated With Discovery

Your fuel rewards will be calculated using both your fuel and Gautrain spend, up to a total monthly combined spend of R1 600. Your DQ or ‘Driver Quotient’ points earned in a month will also be considered.

DQ measures your overall driving behaviour. You earn DQ Points for good driving, taking steps to improve your driving, and knowledge, awareness, and making sure your vehicle is safer to drive.

Your DQ Points, or fuel and Gautrain spend, will then be multiplied by your fuel rewards percentage.


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