The 5 Best Hatchbacks In SA

The hatchback has evolved somewhat over the last decade. Suddenly, we are starting to see sleeker, jazzier, personality-packed hatches. No longer is choosing a hatch simply choosing between your preferred brands, it is, rather, about selecting from a plethora of features.

Hatches have become easier to maintain, and are more affordable. While, at the same time, are packed with bucket loads of power. Don’t forget the snazzy features that you can pick from. As each brand tries to outdo each other, there are more and more great features being introduced to the smaller car that you can usually find on a sedan. We take a look at our favourite hatches.

1. Volkswagen Polo

We will start off with the Polo, as it is South Africa’s most popular car on the road right now. It is great value for money for what you are getting. Maintenance costs are affordable and the car is an easy to drive, day-to-day car. The 55kW 1.4 Trendline is currently going for R226 900 which is the entry level in the series.

2. Audi A1

We rejoiced when the A1 was launched for the first time. It is sassy, sleek, and everything you want from your first introduction to the world of Audi. It is a solid, safe beauty packed with all of the technology and communication pieces you want in a car. The entry level 1.0 TFSI 5-Speed comes at a cool R289 200 and has a top speed of 189 km/h.

3. Ford Focus Ecoboost

It is practical, it is stable, it is such fun to drive. And, although it hasn’t had a facelift in a while, we still absolutely love this car. We particularly love the 1.5 132kW Ecoboost version, which gives the famous VW Golf a good run for its money. The 1.0 is nothing to scoff at, however, and for R259 900, you are still getting a feisty hatch packed with all the features you could want.

4. Mazda 3

The standard, entry-level Mazda 3 is absolute value for money for R258 500. This 1.6 pumps out 1.6kW of power, which really puts its competitors to shame. Being a Mazda, maintenance is easy and somewhat affordable and you will be blown away by the features. Boasting Skyactive technology, Mazda claims unmatched fuel economy in the range. You can also expect smart braking, keyless starts, and audio controls on the steering wheel.

5. Mini One

This had to be included on the list. It is one of the most fun, zippiest hatches you could drive today. Don’t believe us? Take one on a test drive! It oozes personality and is packed with power to dominate its rivals. For R290 500, you can get yourself the entry level Mini One. It boasts 75kW, nips from 0-100 in nine seconds, and is a light, fun drive. It also comes packed with features that make you feel like you are driving a sports car. And, you can park this car almost anywhere!

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