A Look At Ford Sales In January 2017

With one month already down in 2017, which cars have experienced the best sales? And, more importantly, how has Ford done in the wake of the Ford Kuga debacle?

January 2017 saw total sales of 50 333 new vehicles. This amounts to a year-on-year increase of 3.7%, and the first sales increase in 14 months.

“Growth in the industry is always positive. The January result should not, however, be seen as indicative of a trend for this year. Consumer budgets remain under pressure, as seen in the dealer channel sales, and we should not rely on continued double-digit growth in the rental channel,” said Rudolf Mahoney, head of brand and communications at WesBank.

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The Best-Selling Cars In South Africa For January 2017

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The National Association of Automobile Manufacturers South Africa (NAMMSA) released their list on the best-selling cars in South Africa for the first month of 2017.

Not much of a surprise, Volkswagen was the top-selling car brand, claiming first place (Volkswagen Polo Vivo) with 2951 units and second place (Volkswagen Polo) with 2734 units.

Ford South Africa Takes Third Place

With the official recall of the Ford Kuga on the 16 of January, it is interesting to see that consumers were not scared off and the Ford Ranger managed to clinch third place with 2677 units sold in January 2017.

Other Ford vehicles that also saw an increase in sales included the Ford Fiesta, which increased by 36% from December to January.

Ford SA faced heavy criticism for their slow reaction to the Ford Kuga’s engine problems, which resulted in over 48 fires across South Africa in December and January 2017.

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A lawsuit is planned against the American company as documents showed Ford knew about the existing engine combustion issues from as early as 2014.

The first South African incident occurred in December 2015 with Reshall Jimmy. He lost his life after he became trapped in his burning car.

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Here Are The 10 Best-Selling Cars For 2017

  1. Volkswagen Polo Vivo – 2951
  2. Volkswagen Polo –2734
  3. Ford Ranger – 2677
  4. Corolla/Quest/Auris (Toyota) –2628
  5. Hilux (Toyota) – 2398
  6. Etios (Toyota) – 2302
  7. Ford Fiesta – 1707
  8. Toyota Fortuner – 1233
  9. Toyota Quantum – 1192
  10. Nissan NP200 – 1150

Note: Reported list excludes non-reporters such as Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai, Kia and GWM.


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