The 10 Most Shocking State Capture Report Facts

Jeepers, what a difference a week makes. The State Capture Report was released yesterday afternoon at 5PM. Social media has been quick on the mark to voice contrasting emotions of disgust and jubilation.

Quick Recap

11 October, Pravin Gordhan charged with fraud, ENCA cleverly names this “Sars Wars”.


The Rand drops within twenty minutes of the announcement and South Africa prepares for the worst. Several movements such as  Save South Africa are formed and it is reported that 81 South African CEOs are behind Pravin Gordhan.

Just shy of three weeks since Gordhan’s fraud charges are made public, Zuma’s lawyers announce they will drop all charges against the besieged Finance Minster.  NPA Head, Shaun Abrahams announces this to the public and many call for his immediate removal.

The 10 Most Shocking Findings In The State Capture Report

  1. President Zuma improperly, and in violation of the Executive Ethics Code, allowed members of the Gupta family and his son, Duduzane Zuma, to be involved in the process of removal and appointment of the Finance Minister (Des Van Rooyen) in December 2015.
  2. Deputy Minister Jonas was offered a job by the Gupta family in exchange for extending favours to their family business.
  3. Between the period 2 August 2015 and 22 March 2016, Eskom CEO, Brian Molefe has called Mr Ajay Gupta a total of 44 times. Mr Ajay Gupta has called Mr Molefe a total of 14 times.
  4. President Zuma and other cabinet ministers improperly interfered in the relationship between banks and Gupta-owned companies.
  5. The Eskom board was improperly appointed.
  6. Government advertising was deliberately channelled to the Gupta newspaper, The New Age.
  7. President Zuma improperly, and in violation of the Executive Ethics Code, used his position or information entrusted to him to enrich himself and Gupta-owned businesses. Duduzane Zuma was also given preferential treatment in the award of state contracts, business financing, and trading licences.
  8. Minister Van Rooyen can be placed at the Saxonwold area on at least seven occasions. Including on the day before he was announced as Minister of Finance.
  9. Minister Zwane’s trip to Switzerland was irregular.
  10. President Zuma is in breach of his legal duties in failing to investigate the above and other matters or put act against them.

Read The Full State Capture Report Below


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