Seven Security Essentials For Your Car

Written By: Nic Bowen

Here’s a list of must-have essentials that every car needs to prevent theft, avoid road accidents or vehicle damage.

1. A Working Alarm and Immobiliser.

Most modern cars are factory-fitted with both an alarm and immobiliser, also older vehicles can be fitted with both at a later stage. Having an immobiliser and alarm will discourage any would-be thieves from trying to steal your car. Certain alarms can be fitted with a system that alerts a security company whenever it goes off.

2. A Gear and Steering Lock.

A steering lock will keep your steering wheel locked firmly in place making it impossible to steer while locked. Although these can be cut, they still make an excellent deterrent against thieves. A gear lock is less conspicuous than a steering lock, but it is more difficult to cut through and while it’s locked changing the car’s gears is impossible.

3. Make Sure Your Tyres Are In Good Condition.

Worn tyres are one of the top causes of preventable road accidents, so make certain yours are always in good condition. Feel along the tyre to check if the treads are still deep enough, the minimum depth should always be one inch. Also check for any possible tears, punctures or other damage.

4. Be Mindful Of Where You Park.

If you make use of off-street parking be certain that the area is safe at all times. Do some research into crime in the area, whether or not police patrol regularly and if there is a neighbourhood watch in the area. If you suspect the area to be unsafe make use of alarms and vehicle locks to deter any possible theft.

5. Make Sure There Is Always Sufficient Oil and Water.

Always check your car’s water and oil levels when filling up with petrol, as you can cause serious damage to your engine when driving without enough oil and water in the vehicle. Also don’t forget to add antifreeze during the colder winter months.

6. Don’t Leave Any Valuables In Your Car.

Many thieves won’t try to steal your car, but rather simply smash your window and take whatever is in arm’s reach. Don’t leave anything visible in your car, rather take any valuables with you when leaving the car. Also be certain that your car radio is safely hidden if it can be easily taken out.

7. Make Sure You Have A Reliable Car Insurance Policy.

Sometimes road accidents, vehicle theft or car maintenance costs are completely unavoidable. This is where having a reliable car insurance policy saves you money by not having to pay out of your own pocket, and also gives you the peace-of-mind knowing that you will be financially covered in the event that tragedy strikes.


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