5 Apps To Help You Get Into The Christmas Spirit

It’s that time of year again where everyone starts counting down the days to Christmas.


Here are some of our favourite apps to help you enjoy the festive season as much as possible:

1. GiftPlanner – Christmas List Organizer

GiftPlanner lets you keep track of your gift list and events (think birthdays and any event where you’d need to give someone a gift).

You can keep your gift plan information (including gifts and ideas), stores and prices, purchase statuses, order and tracking numbers, photos, and more, in one app.

It also lets you access your gift information from either your PC / Mac, desktop, or mobile device, which means that you can see your gift ideas no matter where you are.

Cost: Free.

2. Christmas Booth – Festive Photo Fun Plus Xmas Stickers

If your selfies and pictures aren’t feeling Christmasy enough, then this app can help you solve that problem.

You can snap a photo, or even take one from your camera roll and add filters to make it look more festive.

You can look like Santa or an elf, or even a reindeer, and then share those images to some of your favourite social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Cost: Free.

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3. Apple Music

Any Apple user would know about iTunes, but Apple also has something called Apple Music inside of iTunes.

Think of Apple Music as an on-demand music streaming service. The first three months are free, so that you can try it out and decide whether you like it or not. After that you get the option to sign up for either an individual plan (R59.99 a month) or a family plan (R89.99 a month).

With Apple music, you can stream (and download) your favourite Christmas albums and songs and listen to them wherever you are.

Available on Apple Devices with an internet connection as well as Android devices.

Cost: Free (for the three month trial).

4. Santa Call And Tracker Free – North Pole Command

Kids (and some grown ups) get very excited about Christmas. So much so, that they want to always know where Santa is and when he’ll be delivering their gifts.

This app lets them not only track Santa’s location in the lead up to the big day, it also lets you run test flights with Santa in the lead up to Christmas.

There are also five Christmas carols included in the app and the ability to call the North Pole and talk to Santa himself.

This is sure to be a huge hit with younger kids.

Cost: Free.

5. Sweepsouth

Having the right music, the right food and the best Christmas tree is all good and well, but none of that matters if your house isn’t spotless to welcome all the guests.

Since you’ll have been busy making sure that everything else is perfect, let Sweepsouth take care of making sure that your house is Christmas ready.

Not only can you get two hours of free house cleaning when you sign up, you can also book a cleaner from your phone, tablet, or desktop.

Available on Android and iOS.

Cost: Free.

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