Money Memes: Our Love Hate Relationship with the Economy

When times get a little tough, there is still the chance to laugh and live a little. And these money memes might remind us to see the lighter side of a tough economy. 

What we hate about a tough economy 

Petrol blues

empty petrol tank meme

Even more petrol blues

run out of petrol meme

Out with friends, when all of a sudden …

Money memes on what we love about a tough economy 

Run out of data or cash again?

While we hate being forced to exit the mall or put away our phones, we have a better time in the end. Because we have some outdoor fun or real-life conversations with actual people. 

extinct conversation meme

No money, no problem

sound of music memeLastly, sometimes it is a pretty good thing to be encouraged to shop around: we might even enjoy doing so.


Today’s Money Tips to Stretch your Cents Further 

Don’t forget:

  • Your tax deductions for work travel allowances (at the rate of 3.29 per km travelled)
  • The many free ways to have fun: e.g join a Park Run SA on Saturday morning – it’s also safer than a lonely jog
  • Roadside assistance services will deliver a small amount of petrol when needed to allow you to get to a service station to fill up. This can be tacked onto your car insurance policy.
  • VoIP services and data-only bundles that offer a very inexpensive way to make calls (think Skype and Whatsapp calls that use only data)
  • How expensive Pay Day loans are even though more than half of South Africans rely on them. 

Rather consider some alternative debt or savings services, such as debt review or starting an.


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