Best Mid-Range New Car Service and Warranty Plans

When you are considering a new car purchase, let’s face it, the warranties and car service plans on offer make an impact to a lesser or greater degree upon your buying decision.

It is important to take note of potential deal-sweeteners such as roadside assistance which could prove life-savings in times of emergency (or when you are stuck in the middle of nowhere).

We did some research and found some of the standard car service and warranty plans on offer for mid-range vehicles.

So what can you expect from a mid-range service and warranty plan?

car warranties

Of course, before buying a car with a good warranty and service plan, you need to know the difference between the two, and where maintenance plans fit into the picture.

What is a warranty?

A warranty is specifically for mechanical breakdown claims and relates to the longevity of the car.

What is a service plan?

A service plan covers claims based on replacement of service parts (oil, spark-plugs, fuel filter, oil filter and air filter during your annual vehicle service) says Fazlin Kasker, vehicle specialist at Maitland Auto Clinic.

What is a maintenance plan?

A maintenance plan, on the other hand, is an additional cost that is separate from your initial purchase. It is a plan to cover all scheduled maintenance that is not covered by your service plan as well as ‘fair’ wear and tear items.

Often the service plan and warranties run in tandem for the same length of time



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