Bizarre Car Insurance Claims

We all know that accidents happen; that’s why everyone has Car Insurance. Sometimes, the completely unexpected happens. Here are 6 of the most bizarre claims on Car Insurance. That is, 6 hilariously good reasons why having insurance coverage for your car is a good idea.
1. This first guy breaks the records for how unlucky a man can be in a day. The man in question was involved in an accident when he drove into the vehicle in front of him. Wanting to assess the damage, he reversed slightly, resulting in him colliding with the car behind him. In his state of confusion, he didn’t look before he opened his door, which knocked a passing cyclist of is bike.
2. In another case, a woman claimed for damages to her car after she mistook her shampoo bottle for a petrol container, and filled up her car with “Herbal Essence”. Apparently, it was a legitimate claim and has happened to more than a few people.
3. When you take out coverage for your car, cows are not on the list of dangers you consider. An unfortunate fisherman returned to his car to find a cow chewing his windscreen wiper. Upon closer inspection, he discovered all the rubber trimmings had been chewed, and the paint was badly damaged where the cows had licked the car.
4. This next case is possibly the most ridiculous. After being involved in a road accident, a woman claimed from her insurance company, stating that while she had been driving, a potato had escaped from the grocery and rolled right under brake, preventing her from slowing or stopping the car and avoiding the crash.
5. More often than not, car damage is caused when unsecured objects fall from cars up ahead. One old lady was caught in the crossfire, and she claimed for her dented bonnet after several shopping trolleys flew out of the delivery truck in front her and straight onto her car.
6. This one is plausible, and yet still far-fetched. After his car suffered some windscreen damage, a man claimed from insurance, stating that while he was driving, a frozen squirrel fell out of a tree and crashed straight through his windscreen.


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