Apple’s iOS 10.2 Update Is Out Now

Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS, has received a fairly large boost with the release of iOS 10.2.


Improved Emojis


iOS 10.2 brings hundreds of highly anticipated emojis to iPhone and iPad. This with a free software update, which is available today. The update brings diverse characters, new professions, expressions like face palm, shrug, and fingers crossed, and new emojis representing sports, food, animals, and more.

Improved Music and Photos

iOS 10.2

iOS 10.2 also brings a few other updates including improved music controls. With quicker access to your music queue and shuffling, as well as better stabilisation and improved frame rates for Live Photos.

Add in the general fixes – like improved Bluetooth performance – and you’ll definitely want to update your iPhone or iPad.

How To Update

On your iPhone or iPad, perform the following steps:

  • Open the settings app
  • Tap on “General”
  • Tap on “Software Update”
  • Your iPhone or iPad will then search for the update and give you an option to update if you haven’t already done so



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