Our Top Carpool Karaoke Picks

If you haven’t already seen a Carpool Karaoke video, we are not too sure where you have been. Never fear though, as we have put together a list of our absolute favourite videos for you to catch up. Each video is the perfect mix of hilarity, toe-tapping music and the glitz and glamour of A-List celebs. We particularly love how you get an almost personal, up-close experience with your favourite artist. Our favourite British late-late night show host certainly impresses as he manages to hold his own in each song. What is even more impressive is how he somehow knows the words to every song. Well, mostly. We love the moments where he pauses to ask the singer what they are actually saying in each.

Bruno Mars

He is the coolest guy in music. Ever. This funkalicious episode has us bopping and singing along every step of the way. Expect funky hats, groovy beats and the most upbeat, humble artist signing karaoke with James. It almost 16 minutes of glorious beats and funk. Promoting his latest album, 24K Magic, the duo chat about everything from Elvis to poker faces. Bruno Mars hit it big in 2010 with this hit “Just the Way you Are”. He has since released two more albums which have been instant chart-toppers. Expect the two to croon through “Versace on the Floor” and jam out to “Uptown Funk”.  You cannot help but fall in love with this man over and over every time you watch it.


If you don’t already love this British red-head, after watching this, you certainly will. Her laugh is absolutely contagious and her outstanding voice makes her even more loveable as you watch. James harmonises perfectly with her in almost every single song and receives wild praise from the singer. The duo go through her most famous hits including “Someone Like You” and the latest hit, “Hello From the Other Side.” She also absolutely wows us with her outstanding rapping skills as she does a perfect rendition of Nicki Minaj. Avid fans do however get a bit of bad news in the middle of the video as she reveals that she will soon be retiring from the industry.

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Get blown away by this singers absolutely power voice during this episode. It is absolutely goosebump-inducing listening to what this singer can achieve with her voice. One again James impresses with his glorious harmonising skills and manages to keep up with the singer’s almost unachievable notes. Sia reveals some details of her life, discussing her drug and alcohol addiction. She goes into a bit of detail in how she managed to kick the habit and change her life. We are eternally grateful that she did, as this 41-year-old singer has given us power hits like “Chandelier”, “Elastic Heart” and the awesome “Alive”.

Red Hot Chilli Peppers

In this episode, Corden gathers the global rock gods to help him drive to work. This hugely popular rock band have been responsible for some of the biggest songs for almost three decades! Formed in 1983 (yes you read correctly), the band have released a total of 11 albums over the three decades. The latest record was released in 2016, called The Getaway. They have won a total of 23 awards over the years with 68 nominations in total. Anthony Kiedis, Flea, Chad Smith and Josh Klinghoffer jam away in the car with Corden, taking a tour through their musical history. Chart-dominating favourites like “Give It Away”, “Californication” and “Under the Bridge”. The singing is hilariously interrupted with some man-wrestling on someone’s lawn at some point.

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