7 Free Online Courses For Self-Improvement

In October 2014, the World Wide Web had officially hit one billion websites. This number has been growing rapidly since then. And, it is estimated that it is currently topping the four billion mark. The internet has become your access to the world. You can access news, social media, education, information, and entertainment at the click of a mouse.

We thought we would put all of this information to good use and find some courses to improve your life. There are thousands of free courses online, assisting you in improving your career, marriage, and finances. We’ve put together a guide of some of the most useful courses for day-to-day life. So, why not put your best foot forward and sign up for one or two of the following.

Communication Skills

1. Negotiation And Conflict Management

Whether it be during business hours, at home, or on the roads, conflict is everywhere. Dealing with conflict in a tense and possibly damaging situation, however, is something you need to learn. This course will take you through a practical series of understanding the thought processes behind negotiation. It will take you through the steps of dealing with conflict in a calm and level-headed manner. It is a month long and starts on the 13th February.


2. Entrepreneurship And Business Expansion

Have you always had an idea for the next big thing that’s going to make you a millionaire? Well, this course asks you ‘what is holding you back?’. It gives you a practical step-by-step guide on taking the leap into entrepreneurship.

3. Introduction To Computer Science

Let’s face it, the world has gone digital. Why be left behind? Currently, developers are one of the most sought after candidates in the workspace. This is an intensive course, but it will take you through the very basics of programming. Learning computer science theory and languages might sound in-depth, but it could be the jumpstart to your next career.

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Finance 101

4. Financial Literacy

This is a course that anyone and everyone should be taking. Its aim is to develop your knowledge of personal finance. It will take you through controlling, investing and protecting your personal finances. It is run through Macquarie University by Peter Mordaunt, a senior lecturer with over 35 years in the industry. The course is a month long and starts on the 13th of February.

5. An Introduction To Financial Accounting

Do terms like balance sheets, income statements, and cash flows just simply not make sense to you? Would you even know how to start working out profit margins? If not, you are not alone. This course is everything you need to know about the basics of finance. It is offered by Wharton and is taught by Brian Bushee, a former Harvard Business School Professor. It runs for ten weeks and is around six to eight hours per week.

Psychology And Mind Matters

6. An Introduction To Psychology

Psychology is not always about getting into people’s heads. This course will assist you in understanding the other person’s behaviour or reactions to situations. Not only is this helpful in the workplace, but with relationships, family matters, and interpersonal communication.

7. Psychological First Aid

This is a course offered by the John Hopkins University. It is a comprehensive guiding tool in assisting the learner to be able to provide psychological assistance during a time of crisis. The course aims to assist you in dealing with events of large crisis or commonplace tragedies like robbery, accidents, death, violence, or suicide. The focus of the course is to allow you to deal with the event and to be able to provide assistance to others through their mapped out learnings. It is a five-week course of which you spend one to three hours a week online. It starts on the 6th of February. You have the option of paying for a certificate once you have completed it.


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