7 Easy Ways to Get the Best Deal on Car Insurance

Written By: Chelsea Petersen

Here are 7 tips to ensure you find the best possible deal on your insurance.

1. Pick A Cheap Car To Insure

When buying a car, insurance should be a primary consideration. Sportier, luxury cars are always more expensive to insure. Even with more low-risk cars, however, there are various factors that insurance companies take into account. These can include colour, engine-size, and its popularity among thieves. 

2. Look Around And Compare Quotes

The best way to find the best, most affordable deal for you is by shopping around. Get quotes from as many companies as possible; a comparison site should be your first port of call. Compare Guru finds the most affordable insurance deals for your specific needs.

3. Avoid Modifying Your Car

Car modifications are often appealing to younger drivers, especially on smaller and more simple-looking cars. Unfortunately, car modifications can increase Insurance premiums by a significant amount.

4. Add a Named Driver to Your Policy

For younger drivers, a lot of money can be saved by adding an older, more experienced driver to the insurance policy as a secondary driver. The reverse also applies here. Older drivers can expect to pay higher premiums if a more inexperienced driver is added to the policy

5. Increase the Cars Security

Installing any extra security features in your car limits the risk factor, and can reduce your premium. Even parking in a garage or an enclosed driveway can minimise risk, and tip the charges in your favour.

6. Change Your Driving Habits

Reckless drivers are a huge liability in the eyes of insurance companies; a driver with multiple speeding tickets will see that reflected in the cost. A clean driving record will get cheaper insurance cover.

7. Watch Your Credit Score

While it may seem like a stretch, most insurance companies use credit scores as a factor in determining rates. Bad credit scores are associated with irresponsible drivers that are more likely to file a claim, and incur steeper premiums. 


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