5 Video Editing Apps To Transform You Into The Next Spielberg

Shooting a great video used to require the use of expensive video equipment. But, now you can shoot great quality videos on your smartphone.

While the image quality of your vacation videos could be great, they may not quite live up to your dreams in terms of the production quality.

These days, instead of having to buy expensive software and learn complicated editing procedures, you can simply download an app to your phone and tinker with your video until it reaches the heights of your cinematic dreams.

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5 Video Editing Apps To Transform You Into The Next Spielberg

Here are five of our favourite video editing apps:

1. Videoshop 

Videoshop lets you edit your videos with a wide variety of tools. These include the ability to trim, add music, add sound effects, adjust the speed of the video, and many more.

It’s an above-basic, entry-level video editing app, which is optimized for iOS devices.

Available on iOS.

Cost: R29.99 (iOS).

2. VQuick

VQuick is more than just a video editing app, it’s also a social platform.

It has some basic video editing features, but nothing quite on par with other apps on this list.

Its main feature is not the video editing side, but rather the video sharing platform. This is an app made for vloggers, visual content creators, and the like.

It lets you follow other content creators, share your content with them, and even create video projects together. This takes place by collaborating through the app, no matter where you are in the world.

Available on Android and iOS.

Cost: Free.


3. Quik

Quik aspires to be one of the new generation, simple video editing apps.

It works by letting you choose photos and video clips from your Gallery, Google photos, or even Facebook, and then adds transitions and effects to create a video.

You are able to customize the video by adding filters, text, and music.

Available on Android and iOS.

Cost: Free.

4. Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe is kind of a big deal when it comes to editing and creativity. So, it makes sense that one of the biggest names in video editing apps is theirs.

Adobe premiere clip has a long list of features. One of which is the ability to create a video using the images on your phone.

If you’re looking to edit an existing video on your phone, the app allows you to edit your video manually using a variety of tools, effects, and music.

You can drop and drag clips, and photos, in the order that you want them, trim out what doesn’t quite work, and add all sorts of effects. These include slow motion, transitions, as well as lighting adjustments.

The best part? Your video can be opened in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Available on Android and iOS.

Cost: Free.

5. Magisto

Magisto uses the photo and video clips on your phone and turns them into a video.

You can add music from your phone to the video, or use music from the app’s music library.

As with many other video editing apps, Magisto has a variety of video effects and lets you apply video stabilization, filters, transitions, and more.

Available on Android and iOS.

Cost: Free.


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