Which Smartwatch Is Right For You?

Smartwatches were once hailed as the most amazing breakthrough device which would change the way we interacted with our technology.

They didn’t, however, quite deliver on that promise. Mostly because no-one has found a killer-use case for smartwatches yet. But, that hasn’t stopped people from buying them.

Things To Consider When Buying a Smartwatch

When it comes to buying a smartwatch though, there are many things to consider. Especially when you consider that a smartwatch is, essentially, a more personal device than a smartphone, because it’s something that you wear on your wrist.

Buying a smartwatch is a commitment which also requires you to consider the fashion aspect of the device.

Other things to consider are whether or not you need a waterproof one, the size of your wrist, which operating system your smartphone is, and what exactly you need it for.

If you’re just after something that tracks your steps and tells you how many calories you’ve burnt, then you should consider getting a fitness tracker instead. They tend to be less expensive and are often more durable when it comes to ‘rougher’ activities.

If you’re dead-set on getting a smartwatch, but you don’t want one that everyone else has, consider getting a Pebble smartwatch. You could even get a regular watch with smart capabilities, commonly known as smart connected watches. Tag Heuer and Armani are just two of the companies making smart connected watches.

Use This Smartwatch Flowchart To Help You Decide

If you’re certain that you want to get a smartwatch, then here’s a handy flowchart to help you decide what to get:



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