What To Do If You Are Caught In a Road Rage Incident

What To Do If You Are Caught In a Road Rage Incident

It has happened to all of us. Either a driver has pulled out in front of you, or someone is tailgating your car. Whatever the scenario, driving certainly comes with a high amount of emotion when it comes to other drivers. Studies have shown that it is a human reaction to be territorial. Scientists say that people see their cars as extensions of themselves. So, when someone threatens your territory, your natural instinct is to become aggressive.

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2 Tips For If / When You Are Caught In a Road Rage Incident

Here are a few tips to dealing with situations where things get out of control and someone threatens you with violence.

1. Stay Calm

Stay Calm - What To Do If You Are Caught In a Road Rage Incident

One of the best ways of dealing with an angry driver is to remain as calm as possible. Fighting back will simply aggravate the situation. Should the other driver be swearing, and possibly screaming, at you, take a breath and try to not react. The reaction will have a domino effect and could possibly land the situation in an even worse position.

2. Remove Yourself From The Situation

Should you have been involved in an accident, do not drive away from the accident scene. Rather, should the other party be behaving violently, try and get back in the car, or walk to a place of safety in the vicinity. If there wasn’t an accident, try and drive away from the aggressive person as calmly as possible. In many cases the aggressive driver could start following you. Should this happen, the best thing would be to drive to a police station or petrol station. Make sure that you do not stop your car in an isolated, quiet place. Instead, make sure that there are a lot of people around. Try not to drive to your home, as that could land up in a risky situation for yourself and / or your family.

3 Different Types Of Road Rage Incidents

The following are three possible types of road rage incidents you could find yourself in. Here is what to do in each type of scenario.

1. The Person Is Out Of The Car And Threatening You

The Person Is Out Of The Car And Threatening You - What To Do If You Are Caught In a Road Rage Incident

If you have ever had someone at your window, threatening physical violence, you will know how scary the situation can be. Try to not interact with the person. You won’t know until it is too late if they have a weapon with them. Do not open your window and rather try and drive off. If you can, do not stop. It is understandable if you are stuck in traffic. If this is the case, remain in your car and do not challenge the person.

2. The Person Has Become Physically Violent

Your only option is to call in police services. Try and record the person and their actions as much as possible. Do not provoke the person by returning the aggression. If you are surrounded by people, try and request assistance, or for them to contact the authorities.

3. You Are The Person Who Gets Angry In Traffic

You Are The Person Who Gets Angry In Traffic - What To Do If You Are Caught In a Road Rage Incident

This is nothing to be ashamed of, we all get angry with other drivers who do stupid things in traffic. We cannot emphasize enough, however, how important it is to keep calm. As much as it sounds difficult, do not take other peoples’ stupid mistakes and bad driving personally. Also, try and play calming music in your car, and, should you be finding that you are incredibly aggressive in traffic, find out if there is an anger course in your area that you can take. Not only is excessive rage bad for your health, but it can land you in life-threatening positions.


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