What To Do After Surviving A Car Crash

It’s never something we think will happen to us, but accidents happen. Whether it is your fault or not, it’s important that you know the standard procedure, should the situation arise.

Here’s a rundown of what your reaction should be:

Stop Immediately After The Accident

However minor the accident is, you are obligated to stop. Failing to stop is an offense and could lead to dire consequences, regardless of who was at fault.

Make sure your engine is switched off, and your hazard lights are on to alert others on the road.

Call 10111 Or 082 911

Check both yourself, and everyone involved in the accident for injuries.

Call the police immediately, and an ambulance if necessary. Convey the exact extent of the accident to the operator. Provide an accurate location as well as if there are any fatalities or life threatening injuries. 

Remain as calm as possible on the phone to provide the most accurate information. The more accurate it is, the quicker the emergency services will get to you. 

Giving Details After An Accident

After being involved in a car accident you are obliged to give the necessary details to anyone else involved (i.e. the driver of other car). These details should include your name, registration number and contact details as well as your insurer in order for both party’s insurers to make contact.

Also bear in mind car accidents need to be reported to the police within 24hours, for insurance purposes.

Collecting Details After A Car Crash

If possible you should also collect details of the other driver, as the police will need this information for a full report. The information you should have on hand when filing your report is as follows:

  • The registration of cars involved in the accident;
  • A note of each vehicle’s colour, model and make;
  • The time and date of the crash;
  • Names of witnesses, or officers on the scene;
  • If possible, take pictures of the cars, the surrounding areas and the roads that both cars were travelling on;
  • A list of damage caused to other vehicles, and description of any injuries sustained.

Once the accident has been reported, the police officer will then provide you with a case number, which you will need for Insurance purposes.

Contact Your Insurer And Submit A Claim

The claiming process can be quite straight forward, based on whether you are upfront and truthful about the accident. Should the other driver be uninsured, your insurer will deal with them directly. If it was your fault, your insurer will provide you with the details of how much needs to be paid out to the other party. 

Make sure that you give as many facts as possible, as if there is discrepancy in the claim, you are at risk of having your claim rejected!

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