Watch: ‘Human Chain’ in Flood Shows SA Spirit Is Alive And Well

A video posted by Deon Kruyshaar two days ago of the Johannesburg flood has gone viral and is causing a ripple of emotions throughout South Africa.

Wednesday’s flash floods in Johannesburg caused much devastation with many cars swept away in the rapids, houses flooded, and emergency evacuations underway as the flood surged through the greater part of Johannesburg and Ekhurleni.


Kruyshaar captured the incredible moment where at least 30 citizens formed a ‘human chain’ across one of the flood’s rapids in order to get trapped passengers safely out of vehicles.

 The video spoke volumes for the South African spirit and the everyday heroes in our land. 

“When I see video clips like this I know we as a nation can stand as one !!! Proud to be South African!!!” – Kruyshaar

Other responses included:

“Goosebumps…together we can save the nation…United we stand…” “So proud of our nation. We will never be divided again…..”

“So beautiful and heart-warming to see what we have in this country”

“and united we shall stand!!!”

Many others captioned the moment – “faith in humanity restored”. We’d say they were right.

Watch The Incredible Video Below:

Here is another video taken by a Twitter user @Zamaanie who was also on the scene. 


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