The Greatest Gatsbys : The Best Spots To Find Cape Town’s Iconic Sandwich

Written by Nic Bowen

Cape Town is famous for a lot of things. It has beaches that are loved all over the world, Table Mountain is considered one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World and it has culture and a vibe that can’t be beat. And as far as culinary contributions go, Cape Town has a sandwich that towers above all the rest. The Gatsby is a starch and meat filled monster, guaranteed to best even the biggest hungers! Here are the best spots to get yourself one of the Mother City’s famous sandwiches:

1. Golden Dish in Gatesville Shopping Centre

Their motto is ‘we didn’t invent the Gatsby, we just perfected it’, and we can believe it. While their signature masala steak full-house gatsby put them on the map, they have 30 other variations certain to satisfy anyones taste. Open till 3am, it’s the perfect place to stop off after a night out.

2. Mariam’s Kitchen in St George’s Mall CBD

Located conveniently in the heart of Cape Town, Mariam’s Kitchen does an incredible steak, egg, chips, braised onion and salad full house gatsby. Make sure to get a side order of samoosas and half-moons while you wait!

3. Aneesa’s Takeaways in Wynberg

This popular takeaway joint has stores in Wynberg and Montague Gardens, both serving gatsby’s with unique twists and a special secret spice. Their top-seller is the chip and vienna gatsby, with the masala steak in close second. They also take online orders, so you won’t have to stand in the shop with an indecisive look on your face while deciding what to eat.

4. Farm Stall Takeaways in Ottery

Don’t let the name fool you, this Ottery takeaway shop hasn’t been a farm stall since the present owner took over nearly 30 years ago. Their topseller, the ‘farmhouse special’, is a full house gatsby with steak, cheese, egg, chips and salad that’s big enough to feed an army, so get this one if you’re starving.

5. Super Fisheries in Athlone

Legend has it that the owner of this Ottery based fast food place created the world’s first gatsby back in the 1970’s. Their specialties are the fish and calamari based gatsby’s, but the original polony gatsby is still a top seller 40 years after it was first introduced.


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