Four Essentials When Looking For a Panel Beater

Searching for the right private panel beater may have you scratching your head and asking, “Who do you trust and how do you know they will deliver on their promise?”

When looking for a trustworthy panel beater, there are four main things you need to remember: Reputation, Guarantee of work, Quotation and Timeframe.

In our article, “Buying Parts From a Private Garage vs a Car Dealership,” we discuss the importance of research and finding out as much information as possible before handing over the keys to a repairman.


The Four Factors to Consider When Searching For a Panel Beater

1. Reputation

As with many services, word-of-mouth is definitely a credible source. How the panel beater treats each customer and performs their work, in timeous and comprehensive manner, will always outweigh a panel beater that keeps your car for weeks, without so much as a phone call.

Find out their reputation in the industry by checking out their website and social media platforms for reviews and feedback from past customers.

Additionally, check out which car and insurance brand has approved them and what certifications they have.

2. Guarantee of Work

Always ensure you are given a guarantee of all parts replaced as well as all repair work they have completed. This written agreement is vital should something happen to your car shortly after driving it off the panel beater floor.

This guarantee also ensures all parts and services performed were installed and completed in the correct manner.

Do you know the difference between market and retail value?


3. Quotation

A good and reputable panel beater will always provide a detailed quotation before beginning any work on your vehicle.

The quotations should consist of the following: 

  1. Parts to be used
  2. Labour costs
  3. Painting (if required)
  4. Other repairs (if required)

It is important that you get a minimum of three quotations from three different panel beaters.The price difference can sometimes be quite substantial, which is why a detailed quote is always so important to see exactly what you are getting for your money. Also consider taking your damaged vehicle to an assessor from your insurance company. 

4. Timeframe

Lastly, make sure your panel beater gives you a realistic timeframe of when all repairs will be completed. Some panel beaters are infamous for promising quick turnaround times and then not sticking to their side of the bargain.

This comes full circle as to why the reputation of the panel beater is so important. Reading reviews and finding out how other customers found the service will give you insight into what you can expect. Trust us, if there is anything wrong with the service, whether it be the timeframe, professionalism of staff or credible parts and services, a paying customer will let you know.

Also, before booking in your car at a panel beater that you approve of,  ask if they supply courtesy cars for you to use while your car is in the workshop.

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