Telkom ADSL: Fast, Faster, Fastest… What Does It All Mean?

Telkom is the country’s main telecommunications provider, putting them in a prime position to be the leading ISP in South Africa. As the most widely used internet service provider in South Africa, you would expect Telkom ADSL to provide a multitude of options when it comes to ADSL and they certainly do not disappoint.


Here’s a breakdown of Telkom ADSL offerings :




If you’re prefer to live your life out and about and only need to connect to the internet in order to check your email, then this is the package for you.


This option provides you with speeds of up to 2mbps, which might not seem like much, but if your internet needs are basic, then this will suffice.


Cost:  R165 p/m.


Faster ADSL


If you only need to be online to video chat with your loved ones overseas (or in the country), then this is a great option for you.


This package provides you with speeds of up to 4mbps.

This will provide you with more than adequate bandwidth video chat and to occasionally stream your favourite shows on Netflix.


Cost: R299 p/m.


Faster Plus ADSL


If you’re all about connecting with your loved ones online, streaming your favourite content and blogging, then you’ll definitely want to take a look at this package.


You get speeds of up to 8mbps. Double the speed of the Faster ADSL package for only R100 more.


Cost: R399 p/m


Fastest ADSL


If you have multiple internet enabled devices which all need to be connected to the internet, and you do more than just stream the occasional YouTube video or status update on Facebook, then this is a definite option for you.


With speeds of up to 10mbps, you’ll be able to watch full high definition videos and ensure that you’re always connected.


Cost: R425 p/m


Elite xDSL


Now we’re moving into premium, heavy user territory.

If you’re into video chatting, uploading videos, streaming content and gaming then this is the package you’re looking for.

With speeds of up to 20mbps on either an ADSL or VDSL line (dependant on the network technology available in your neighbourhood), this package will keep even your dreams connected.


Cost: R499 p/m


Elite Plus VDSL


This is for the ultimate internet user.

Telkom currently does not offer an ADSL package larger than this one.

With speeds of up to 40mbps (on either an ADSL or VDSL line dependant on the network technology available in your neighbourhood), this package will exceed connection needs that you haven’t even begun to think of.

This will allow you to connect every internet enabled device you own, including your smart home electronics, plus all your friends mobile devices and still keep on blazing along.


Cost: R599 p/m


NB: The monthly cost of the above packages does not include line rental (R189 p/m)l*, the DSL installation fee (R792) or the line installation fee (R620).


*According to a report on BusinessDay TV, Telkom ADSL expected to remove line rental from household broadband costs.

This means that the cost of your monthly internet bill could be reduced by R189 p/m!



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