Streamline Your Pockets, Smartphone Technology as the Key to Your Home

An interesting new way for technology to streamline your life by Las Vegas resident, Gabriel Bestard-Ribas, is to combine your smartphone and house keys.

The new technology unveiled at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show ending on the 10th of January 2014, the Goji lock, is able to unlock doors and even greet the resident when their smart phone is near the door. “My keys were always scratching my phone, so I thought why not build them in,” said Bestard-Ribas, founder and chief executive of San Francisco start-up Goji.

Through the use of Bluetooth connectivity and the free Goji application installed, the lock is able to give either a resident or someone familiar a “digital key” paired with a welcome message and open access.

Not as simple as “open sesame”, a camera is skilfully built into the lock so that an image of the resident or visitor arriving will be sent through alerts to the resident’s smartphone through the home Wi-Fi. Temporary time-specific digital key access may be given to people such as house cleaner or neighbours.

You can essentially unlock your home from anywhere in the world via the internet. If you are still attached to the habit of using keys, back-up keys as well as Bluetooth-enabled electronic fobs, which resemble car remotes, can be used without a smartphone.
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Retailing online for around R3000 for the smart lock and about R430 for the Goji electronic fob, excluding international shipping costs, from The future of a symbiotic life between technologies is closer than we think.

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