Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 Local Launch Date

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 was meant to be the company’s greatest smartphone. After recent battery issues, however, the company has delayed bringing the phone to South Africa. This in order to have the problem resolved.


Launch Date

Despite these issues, consumers have remained eager to find out when the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will arrive locally. Samsung can now confirm that the new Galaxy Note7 smartphone will be available in South Africa on 11 November. Just in time for the summer holidays.

The new Galaxy Note 7 devices went on sale in South Korea on 1 October. Furthermore, the global replacement program, in regions where the smartphone was already in the market, is well underway

“Consumers will be able to purchase the new Galaxy Note 7 on 11 November in South Africa. These devices are completely safe to use and present no battery cell issues,” says Craige Fleischer, Director of Integrated Mobility at Samsung South Africa.

Precautionary Measures

To assist users in putting their minds at ease to be able to enjoy their Galaxy Note 7 with complete confidence, Samsung has implemented three specific software changes affecting the battery indication:

  1. Green Battery Icon visible on the Status Bar.
  2. Always On Display screen.
  3. Power Off prompt screen — accessed by long-pressing the power key.

Additionally, users can easily verify that they’re using the latest Galaxy Note 7 by looking for a square symbol on the label of the phone’s packaging.

Upgraded Features

The new Galaxy Note 7 is expected to receive a huge welcoming by consumers as it will allow them to do more than they ever thought possible with a smartphone. The 5.7-inch curved QHD Super AMOLED display is perfect for both productivity and entertainment. While the ever-versatile S Pen is much more than just a writing tool. The new iris-scanning technology, backed by Samsung’s defence-grade Knox platform, introduces a new standard in mobile security. While IP68 water and dust resistance affords users more freedom to use their phones almost anywhere, without fear of water and dirt damage.

“Samsung would also like to take this opportunity to thank its loyal customers for their patience and understanding during the past couple of weeks. Your loyalty and support for the brand is valued,” Fleischer concludes.


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