SAA Airbus Cabin Design Is Afro-Chic

South African Airways and passengers alike have not disappointed with the total redesign of the Airbus cabin. The colours and textures are reminiscent of modern-age Afro-chic and will bring SAA into the forefront of luxury air travel.

Designed by UK-based Priestmangoode, the technologically advanced interior makes use of three-dimensional bulk heads and intricate small touches such as the African-inspired colour-coded prints. Passengers will certainly be looking forward to their trips boasting the luxurious use of different textures designed to engage with them. “The aircraft re-design forms part of a larger project that addresses the overall visual language of SAA across its passenger touch-points”, as explained by the Head of Marketing at South African Airways, Kim Thipe.

The aim of the redesign was for SAA to become the spearhead carrier for South Africa and Africa and thus was created to reflect 80% of South African contemporary culture and 20% general African culture. The warm colours envelop the African atmosphere while accentuated with the sky-blue above overhead compartments.

To add to the local personality, bold pops of red and blue adorn the leather bound seats. Meticulous detail is valiantly shown from the magazine rack to the delicate stitch-worked logo. Take a look at the new cabin in our adjacent gallery.

©Diane Moalem for Compare Guru


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