S.A Road Accidents When Are You At The Most Risk: Weekdays VS Weekends

Written By: Nic Bowen

The most recently recorded statistics are that there are globally 1.24 million people killed in road accidents annually, with 10 000 killed in South Africa, a figure well above other African countries.

But what days of the week are the most dangerous to be travelling? Over the past weekend it was reported that 140 people lost their lives while travelling on South African roads. The majority of these occurred in the Gauteng and Eastern Cape regions. Here are some more statistics to help you determine when it is safest to travel:

A global study was conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to determine which days of the week are the most dangerous, they are in order from most to least dangerous:

  • Saturday
  • Sunday
  • Friday
  • Thursday
  • Monday
  • Wednesday
  • Tuesday

According to the study you are more than 50% likely to be involved in a car accident on a Saturday than on a Monday. This is due to the fact that people tend to drive more recklessly over the weekend, this coupled with increased drunk driving over the weekends is what makes these days more dangerous.

Year after year, the most dangerous time of year to drive is the festive period between 1st December and 15th January. This is due to increased drunken driving, worn vehicles, reckless driving and people not wearing their seat belts.

Furthermore, the carnage on South African roads annually costs the economy a whopping R306 billion, or 10% of the annual GDP.

In order to curb the destruction the South African Road Traffic Management Corporation have been working with provincial road authorities to intensify road and traffic law enforcement. This includes the introduction of 24 hour-shift traffic officers.

Apart from the risk of physical injury, road accidents can also cause financial strain if your vehicle is damaged. Make sure that you are covered by a comprehensive and reliable insurance policy so that in the event of an accident you can get back on the road without having to worry about costly repair bills.


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