Put Foot Rally Promises An African Adventure

Put Foot Rally Promises An African Adventure

Between June 17 until July 4 2018, adventurers from all around the world will embark on an exciting trip through Africa.

The Put Foot Rally is a motor vehicle rally that leads participants through five countries in just 18 days!

Throughout the adventure, participants stop off at five checkpoints in each country. This is aimed at providing them with a full on African cultural experience.

So Where Do You Travel? 

So Where Do You Travel - Put Foot Rally Promises An African Adventure

A total of over 8 000km’s is covered during the trip. Participants are required to decide on their own route between check points; as long as they get there.

This is not a race so it doesn’t matter whether you come in first or last place. It is all about getting to the checkpoint so that you can celebrate with the rest of the crews.

The upcoming rally currently has over 120 crews that will be participating in the event.

The Put Foot Rally 2018 travels through the following countries:

  • South Africa (start);
  • Namibia;
  • Zambia;
  • Malawi;
  • Mozambique (finish).

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What Is It In Support Of? 

Not only is the rally an experience of a lifetime, but the project is in aid of collecting charity.

The Put Foot Foundation is the official charity that the rally supports. The foundation aims at providing school shoes for children in townships throughout Africa.

Put Foot Foundation - Put Foot Rally Promises An African Adventure

Not only does the Put Foot Foundation provide help for school children, but they also assist in the conservation of endangered animals, such as rhino, elephant, lion and leopard.

Throughout the journey, crews are required to perform charity in the poorer regions of each country. They can gather donations from people throughout the trip and donate this to various places along the route.

All participants are required to provide a minimum entry donation of $50 (R750) to the Put Foot Foundation.

In just three years, the Put Foot Foundation has donated 15 000 pairs of shoes and over $60 000 to charity.

This year, the aim would be to raise $10 000 which is equivalent to 600 pairs of shoes.


600 Pairs of Shoes- Put Foot Rally Promises An African Adventure

Who Can Participate? 

Anyone. As long as you are over the age of 18, unless you are accompanied by an adult, you can join. If you are going to be driving, you need a valid drivers license as well as your own vehicle.

The more adventurous the vehicle, the more fun you might have. As long as your vehicle is roadworthy and not falling apart!

There are various levels of entry, depending on the type of car you are driving.

The price variations are as follows:

  • Vintage – $99;
  • Normal Car – $129;
  • SUV/ 4X4 – $149;
  • Bike – $69.

There will be increment price increases, so its best to jump on board as soon as you get a team together.

Once you have registered your vehicle, you need to register all the members in your crew.

Here is the price list:

  • Adult – $375;
  • Child – $280;
  • Infant(less than 8 days old) – $200.

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So How Much Money Will I Need? 

The Put Foot Rally organizers have compiled a rough draft of how much money you should save in order to take part in the rally.

Here is a breakdown of all your expenses as per the website:

Expenses: Price:
Entry Fee R6 000
Petrol R9 000
Accommodation R75- 750 per person/day
Food and Drink R75 – R300 per person/day
Border and Vehicle Insurance R6 000


Sound like a jol? Want to find out more? Check out the Put Foot Rally website.

Here’s a little video to get you excited!





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