MWEB Customers Join the Wi-Fi Global Revolution

MWEB is the first South African broadband service provider to sign an exclusive deal with Fon, a worldwide Wi-Fi community of over 12 million users. You are able to become your very own hotspot through the use of Fon-enabled routers, which will share your secure home or business Wi-Fi broadband connection with any other Fon members.

The essence of a community is sharing and what better way to do it than on an international dynamic platform? The Spanish company founded in 2006 have stretched across four continents to bring their customers a unique Wi-Fi connection. Simply by signing up for a free Fon subscription, users share their home or business bandwidth to create unique hotspots that can be utilised by any registered Fon user in the world.

At no additional monthly fees than your MWEB broadband subscription, you have the chance to share the local with the global creating a glocalised community. Fon uses “crowdsourced Wi-Fi” comprised of individual Fon members that collectively share their bandwidth with each other.

Their driving motto through the expansion of Europe has been “Give a little, get a lot”, a familiar concept to South Africans, similar to Ubuntu. The CEO of MWEB, Derek Hershaw said, “We have been looking for a way to broaden our customers’ access to Wi-Fi beyond their home or office network without compromising the quality of internet access that they’ve become accustomed to.

The new Fon relationship will complement our existing Wi-Fi zones and will give our customers access to cost effective, quality mobile Internet access and a growing network.” Optimistic about the future possibilities that the partnership between Fon and MWEB may bring, the COO at Fon, Alex Puregger said, “Mobile, and specifically Wi-Fi, is seen as the future driver for Internet connectivity on the African content and globally. We are very confident of the growth potential in sub-Saharan African and see South Africa as a base for expansion into the rest of the continent.”

Experience the future of the Internet by signing up for a R199 deal with MWEB to receive a free Wi-Fi Fon-enabled route and range extender. You’ll receive uncapped Wi-Fi in MWEB Wi-Fi zones, the access to the MWEB and international Fon hotspots, and MWEB’s Always On hotspots.

You can log into the Fon network anywhere in the world using your MWEB ADSL login details. Download the Fon app from the iPhone App Store or Android’s Google Play to be able to scan and find your nearest hotspot and join the broadband Wi-Fi revolution.

Find out more about MWEB and Fon.

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