Getting To Know The New Mercedes Benz S-Class

Getting To Know The New Mercedes Benz S-Class

German automotive manufacturer, Mercedes Benz has just launched the new 2018 S-Class. Known for its fine lines, luxury features and sheer comfort, the S-Class will make you feel like a royal.

The new and improved model boasts new stylish features, a brand new engine and incredible technology. These features promise to make driving an absolute breeze, even during peak hour traffic.

Not only has the S-Class range been upgraded to provide a fleet of luxurious cars, but the Mercedes Maybach luxury sedan models are also included in the fleet.

Mercedes has also launched a new app called Ask Mercedes, which provides drivers with the ultimate augmented reality experience.

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The New Look


New Mercedes Benz S-Class

Although the new S-Class is a minor revamp from its previous counterparts, the improvements are subtle but work nonetheless.

The front grille has been reshaped and enlarged as well as the new LED headlamps which have gained three LED light strips within the lamp itself.

The back of the vehicle is equipped with a new diffuser which improves the airflow underneath the vehicle.

The interior is very much the same as the luxury sedan Maybach models. There are two high resolution 12.3 inch display screens situated in the front console of the vehicle.

The vehicle comes standard with touch sensitive controls on the steering wheel. These control the functions on the screens, however they can be controlled with a simple swipe of the steering wheel. This means that the driver doesn’t need to take their hands off the wheel to control the infotainment system. This is Mercedes’s vision of taking another step to autonomous driving.

Sit Back And Relax


New Mercedes Benz S-Class Interior

The new S-Class is strictly a four seater vehicle, as the back seat hosts two custom-made seats. The centre console has been designed specifically as a cup holder and a built-in fridge, with space for glasses.

The 2018 model has been designed to be longer than its predecessor, as it provides reclining seats for those seated at the back. All models are equipped with beautiful leather covered interior and fine wood finishes.

Mercedes has created a new feature known as Energizing Comfort. This is the first of its kind and takes driving in style to the absolute next level.

With this feature, the on board comfort centre is linked together so that passengers can set up their comfort level to suit their mood. The Energizing Comfort includes the following features:

  • Climate control;
  • Ambient lighting;
  • Massage and fragrancing function.



New Mercedes Benz S-Class Features

The S-Class comes with a long list of features to make driving, both easier as well as more enjoyable. Here are some of the new features that come standard with this new model:

  • Cruise Control;
  • Distance Active Proximity Control – This ensures that the driver maintains a safe following distance. It automatically controls the vehicle if the driver gets to close to the vehicle in front of them;
  • Curve – speed is adjusted automatically when the vehicle is approaching curves or junctions. It tilts the car’s body to up to 2.65 degrees in order to provide passengers with a smooth ride;
  • Road Surface Scan- this feature detects any bumps in the road surface;
  • Bluetooth System- allows two phones to be connected simultaneously;
  • Concierge service- this feature allows drivers to ask the operator for directions or information on cultural or sporting events happening in the area;
  • Live Traffic Information- the navigation system provides users with a traffic update as well as navigation functions.


Mercedes has aimed to take this new model to greater heights, by manufacturing a vehicle that provides improved performance with reduced fuel consumption.

Four of the eight cylinders are deactivated in the event of a partially heavy load, this lowering fuel consumption by up to ten percent.

The new model boasts a three-litre inline six-cylinder turbo slotting in as the new baseline petrol engine. This replaces the old three litre V6.

The old S500 has been replaced by the S560 with a performance increase from 335kW to 345kW.

Mercedes has also launched two Maybach models, S560 and S650 that is devoted to providing vehicle owners with luxury and power.

The S-Class model range now includes the S450 and S450 4MATIC with a 3.0L V6 biturbo engine that produces 362 hp and 369 lb-ft of torque.

So How Much Can I Expect To Pay?

If the new S-Class fleet sounds like the perfect riding experience, check out the prices:

Model Price
S350 d R1 620 000
S400 d R1 690 000
S450 L R1 620 000
S560 L R2 040 000
S600 L R2 760 000
Maybach S560 R2 450 000
Maybach S650 R3 210 000
S63 AMG R2 760 000
S65 AMG R3 410 000

All these prices include a six year /100 000km maintenance plan.

*For more information about the new Mercedes Benz S-Class, click here.


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