Meet Compare Guru’s CEO

Meet Compare Guru’s CEO

Deciding to brave uncharted waters and become an entrepreneur is not really a career decision, says Marx, “it’s a lifestyle”.

Starting your own company is also a marathon, and not a sprint, he says. “It’s all about pacing yourself”.

Compare Guru values service that is reliable, convenient, trustworthy, informed and saves the consumer money.

The financial comparison site has spread it’s reach to reach Kenyan and Nigerian citizens and hopes to expand its reach more heavily in the future. The intention is for Compare Guru to be Africa’s largest online comparison portal.

Ryan Marx

5 Quick Facts about Ryan Marx

What other businesses have you been involved in?

I was involved in Zando in studio operations since the company started.

What has being an entrepreneur taught you?

Being able to work in chaotic unstructured environments, and being able to self-manage.

If your company was a Hogwarts house, which one would it be?

A what? Most people would say Gryffindor, SO I guess I would say that… but a bit of Slytherin.

What characteristics do you look for in your employees?

Taking the initiative as a character trait in startups is very valuable, as well as being able to work unsupervised and be loyal to the company vision

What are some of the risks you’ve faced as a startup business?

  1. Going into uncharted territory
  2. Getting our name out there
  3. Competing against the giants in the industry

“Definitely, it is a gold rush right now. And it will only get better and better. Looking at Shoprite right now, it is indicative of where the market is going right now and going forward”.


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