Land Rover Is Launching An Edition That Comes With A Drone

Search and rescue is about to become that much easier with a special initiative launched by Land Rover. The Jaguar-owned company released the news at the Geneva Motor show about the specialized project to make saving lives easier. The Special Operations Vehicle Division is partnering with the Austrian Red Cross to trial the vehicle for a few months.

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A Look At The Drone

The drone is a Taiwanese-made Align M480L. It has a 20 minute flight window and a top speed of almost 60kms / hour. It has an integrated landing system that allows the drone to land on the car while it is driving. Footage that is captured by the drone is relayed back to the vehicle, in real time, in order for rescue missions to be more streamlined and efficient. The drone can be controlled by an app accessed off of a tablet.

How Does It Work

The quadcopter will be able to take off and land on the roof of the car while it is driving. Magnets will lock into place on the top of the car while the car is in motion. The drone will be able to be used to circumnavigate tricky terrain and inaccessible areas in search and rescue missions. The access from the sky will make it a lot easier for rescuers to locate the target. It will also make it easier for them to identify entry and exit routes to the area.

The car will also come with a sliding floor panel that can be used as a work surface and added mounting points for gear. Additional LED lighting will be added for nighttime operations and extra power supply points with international plug configurations will be added. These will be compatible with a wide variety of devices.

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Can We Expect To See It

The first deployment will be done in Austria in June as an initial testing stage. In this time, the vehicle will be used in simulations and in tests. This will assist in developing new methods of search and rescue. It will test run and examine how to set up cases for complex rescue scenarios, like natural disasters. News on whether it will be reaching South African shores is sketchy. We are sure, though, that they would certainly come in handy in the wake of the recent blazes in and around Cape Town.


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