Is Your Job The Most Wanted Skill in SA?

The job market is tough and many may find it difficult to leave their current work in fear of job scarcity. But there are a couple jobs in the South African market that hiring managers are finding increasingly difficult to fill (or can’t find enough of).

CareerJunction has developed an index (CJI) to monitor the online labour market in South Africa, specifically looking at the supply and demand trends.

From the report, it was clear that IT professionals are in high demand. Specifically programmers who are skilled in .Net or C# skills, as well as software developers.

Jobs in the financial and project accounting skills were also in high demand and had increased in job listings by 30% since 2015.

Other skills at the top of all human resources’ lists were representative and sales consulting.


CJI Key Findings

Demand for skilled workers continued to weaken during August this year while job search activity picked up by 4%. This has created a more frenzied and competitive environment for all potential job seekers, particularly within the Retail, Construction and Motor industries.

Trending Jobs

The following are jobs that were trending in August along with their regional salary differences:

Mechanical Engineering

mechanical engineer

  • Gauteng: R47 549 – R55 482 per month
  • Western Cape: R37 130 – R48 051 per month
  • Kwazulu-Natal: R37 593 – R46 500 per month

Financial Analysis

financial advisor

  • Gauteng: R37 673- R43 838 per month
  • Western Cape: R32 153 – R42 986 per month

Logistics Management

logistics manager

  • Gauteng: R21 570 – R25 927 per month
  • Western Cape: R17 063 – R20 214 per month
  • Kwazulu-Natal: R15 269 – R19 333 per month

Top Employment Sectors

  1. Medical and Health
  2. Information Technology
  3. Design, Media and Arts
  4. Architecture and Engineering
  5. Building and Construction

This information was based off CareerJunction’s most recent online hiring activity which indicated a positive and promising outlook on employment opportunities for South Africa.


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