Introducing X-One Smartphone Covers

Buying the right cover, and screen protector, for your smartphone can be a bit of hit and miss.

Usually, you have to sacrifice aesthetics for protection and, even then, the strong bulky protection that you’ve wrapped your phone in doesn’t always protect it 100% of the time.

Launched last night in Cape Town, the X-ONE range of smartphone protection aims to change all of that.


Features Of The X-ONE Range

The shock absorption screen protector is the main product offered from X-ONE. After extensive research and continual development dating back to 2011, the screen protector was released internationally in 2012. Since then, it has become one of the most highly sought after accessories, thanks to its superior protective qualities. 

Shock Resistance

You get up to five times more shock resistance with the X-ONE screen protector.

This was demonstrated at the launch by Mishka Patel who used a hammer on the screen of a high-end smartphone protected by the X-ONE screen protector.

The phone was completely undamaged and worked perfectly.

NB: We’re not suggesting that you take a hammer to your phone, but it’s nice to know how well protected your smartphone will be.

Puncture Protection

The composition of the screen protects itself from sharp objects piercing through the screen protector. This is the most critical layer in the X-ONE extreme series.

Liezel van der Westhuizen used a screwdriver on the screen protector, on the phone, and did her best to do some damage. You’ll be happy to know that the phone was completely unharmed and worked perfectly.

Scratch Protection

The top coat of the screen protector, Super Oleophobic, has been designed with the industries highest 5H+ hardness rating on a PET film material. This allows materials to slide off the surface as opposed to damaging it by leaving scratches.

Perfect Touch

The Oleophobic coat is injected directly into a PET film material. This creates a longer lasting coat lifespan, recreating the smooth touch experience of an original phone screen.

Image Clarity

A vast amount of research has gone into the optics and light transmittance of the screen. This enables crisp and optimal image quality from today’s modern smartphone HD camera technology.

Anti Smudge

The signature feature of the X-ONE screen protector is the repellant against liquid and grease. With the simple wipe of a soft cloth, your smartphone will be left looking brand new. This without any help from extra cleaning solutions.

Air-Releasing Adhesive

X-ONE’s Nano silicon adhesive compound will enable the screen protector to glide onto the smartphone through it’s automatic electrostatic feature. This significantly reduces trapped bubbles upon application.

Ultra Durable

The ultra durable PET material, from which the screen guard is made, will not deform or crack upon bending. This will allow easy removal and cleaning for reapplication. This as opposed to tempered glass which may crack or break during removal.

Washable For Repeated Usage

Even after repeated washing, the waterproof nano silicon adhesive is able to maintain its adhesiveness. Therefore, you can easily wash off dust and grease without damaging the adhesive function.

Cost Of The X-ONE Range

With all these amazing functions and features, you’re probably wondering what the cost of these screen protectors and covers are:

  • Screen Guard Protectors – R199 (iPhone 6, 7 6+, 7+, Samsung S7, A3, A5)
  • 1.5m Mobile Phone Charger Cord – R339 (Android)
  • 2m Mobile Phone Charger Cord – R399  (Android)
  • 3m Mobile Phone Charger Cord – R449  (Android)
  • Exotic Flip Covers / Rugged Flip Covers (iPhone 6 & 7) – R499 (iPhone 6+ & 7+) – R599
  • Conservative Flip Covers (iPhone 6 & 7) – R999 (iPhone 6+ & 7+) – R1099
  • Signature Flip Covers (iPhone 6 & 7) – R1099 (iPhone 6+ & 7+) – R1199
  • Luxe Flip Covers (iPhone 6 & 7) – R1199 (iPhone 6+ & 7+) – R1299
  • Blue Armor Visor – R259 (iPhone 6, 7 6+, 7+, Samsung S7, A3, A5)
  • 1.5m Mobile Phone Charger Cord – R379 (iPhone)
  • 2m Mobile Phone Charger Cord – R449  (iPhone)
  • 3m Mobile Phone Charger Cord – R519  (iPhone)

All of these will soon be available online at


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