How To Make Money Fast In South Africa

Do you feel as though your salary is just not cutting it? Always broke before the new month even starts?

Well don’t fret, there are a couple of ways you can make money fast in South Africa.

Make Money FAST with these awesome tips

Do You Pay The Cheapest Prices?

With technology at our fingertips, why is it that so many of us still go out and buy things?

You might enjoy the experience of shopping but are you getting the most affordable price for what you’re buying? The answer is, “No!”

Making use of online comparison sites, such as CompareGuru, ensures you’re getting the cheapest price for whatever you’re buying.

By comparing products from all the different companies in South Africa, you will get the most competitive prices on products.

Do You Like Filling Out Surveys?

It is very possible to make money doing online surveys. There are many scams out there which have left this option something to be extremely wary of. How do you make sure you’re not signing up for a scam?

If you have to pay to do work, then it counts as a scam. Visit places like Opinionate or Mobrog, trusted and reputable companies to make money fast.

Do You Shop At These Stores?

Shopping at places where you’re get something back is great way to make money fast. Although this is a great way to save and make money, it shouldn’t be a reason to shop. Places like Vida e Cafe, Clicks, Dischem and Pick n’ Pay are a few places offering loyal customers cashback.

Do You Pay Your Credit Card In Full?

If your answer to this question is yes, then making use of your bank’s cashback system is an awesome way to get money back. Banks such as Standard Bank and FNB’s eBucks are perfect examples of how you can use the system to get more back.

Do You Have Extra Rooms To Rent?

Another terrific opportunity to money is to make use of those empty rooms you have available. By simply advertising it on places like Gumtree. For a more temporary money making opportunity, visit sites like  AirBNB, WhereToStay and Sa Venues and rent your rooms as holiday accommodation for local vacationers or foreigners.

Do You Have A Parking Bay?

If you’re living in the city and you’re fortunate to have a parking bay in the city, near a stadium or concert vacation, a perfect way to make money off from this is by renting your parking bay to someone who’s in need of parking. Watch out for any tournaments, events, concerts happening near you to grab this opportunity to advertise.

Do You Own A Lot Of Junk?

Selling items you haven’t made use of in a long time is ideal for flea markets and a great way to make money fast! This includes old furniture, cutlery, and crockery etc. 

Another way to get rid of your extra bric and brac is through auction sites such as Bidorbuy to auction your products publicly.


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