How to Create a Home First Aid Kit

Medical emergencies happen all the time, it’s your responsibility to make sure you have a fantastic home first aid kit tailored for your family. WikiHow shows you how to create the best first aid kit to protect you and your family.

1. Choose a decently sized container. It needs to be large enough to store all of the materials, but it should also be lightweight and portable. Your kit should also be waterproof, but this can be accomplished by sealing all of your supplies in Ziploc bags.

2. Separate your first aid kit into two sections. One section should include all of your basic medical supplies, such as bandages and ointments, while the second compartment should include important medications for your family.

3. Fill the box with the sterile and/or newly-bought items. These items include: -Adhesive dressings, of varied size and shape, from regular Band-Aid shapes to small squares to large -Small (but sharp) scissors -A package of gauze pads(2X2″, 4X4″, 5X9″, 8X10″, and 12X30″ gauze pads). They can be large, because you can always cut them if necessary. -Surgical Tape -Cotton Balls, large and small, or maxi pads -Rubbing non-alcohol wipes for cleaning external surfaces only (i.e. cleaning dirt off of unbroken skin, or wiping down a surface) -Antibiotic Ointment, for keeping the infection out of cuts, scrapes, etc. -A thermometer -Tweezers and a sewing needle for pulling out splinter -Non-latex gloves, in case of blood, body fluids and dangerous waste, keep two pairs for the smallest kit -A bee sting kit -Insect repellent -Sterile dressings(a sterile pad attached to a roller bandage) -Roller bandages (2,3,4 inch) -Triangular bandages -Sterile saline -CPR breathing mask You can buy most of these supplies online at HealthCart here: 4. Store it an easily accessed locale in your home. Teach your children and frequent house guests where the first aid kit is stored.

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