How Much Should You Pay For A Traffic Fine?

Receiving a traffic fine is always a pain in anyone’s backside. But, the truth is, they are there to protect not only you but every driver on the road.

So, how much should we be paying for a traffic fine? And, are there degrees of infringements for the same offence?

Case Studies

10 years ago, a motorcyclist was charged R100 000 after he clocked up an astounding 297km/h on a road near Port Shepstone. Similarly, a Gauteng motorist who was caught almost doubling the speed limit (216 km/h in a 120km/h zone) was given a R40 000 fine, as well as six-month suspension of his driving licence.

A story in 2014 indicated Cape Town’s worst traffic offender; a taxi owner who had racked up R110 700 in outstanding traffic fines. He was caught when he tried to renew his vehicle licence at the Greenpoint Traffic Department.

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So, How Much Should You Pay For Everyday Fines?

traffic fine

Yes, there are in fact pre-determined fines (as supplied by the Western Cape Government and the RTIA). Take a look at these below.

Please note, a traffic fine amount may vary from province to province.

Offence Amount
Operated a vehicle of which the total combination mass as determined by the vehicle manufacturer has been exceeded by 1,601-1,800kg (Vehicle <3,500kg) R5000
Axle mass load as determined by the SABS or tyre manufacturer has been exceeded by 1601-1800kg (Vehicle <3500kg) R5000
Passed a vehicle at an unsafe place R3500
No Roadworthy Certificate. Bus/Midibus/Minibus R3500
Organised / Taking part in a Race/Sport on a public road without permission R3000
No Professional Driving Category P Permit. (Pdrp) R3000
Operate unroadworthy motor vehicle R3000
Disregard No Overtaking R2500
Driving without reasonable consideration for other road users R2500
Employing /Permitting an Unlicensed C/EC Driver to drive a motor vehicle R2500
Disregard Yield Pedestrian Sign R2000
Fail to comply with instruction, direction or obstruct, hindered, interfere Traffic Officer R1500
Fail to stop vehicle on command of Traffic Officer R1500
Overloading a vehicle with max 56,000kg combination mass by 12-13.99% R1500
Employing /Permitting an Unlicensed Driver to drive a motor vehicle R1500
156-160km/h in a 120km/h zone R1500
151-155km/h in a 120km/h zone R1250
Driving without a driving licence R1250- R200
Disregard Stop / Yield R1000


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