Hisense – Reimagining Your Tech Future

Hisense is synonymous with low-cost home electronics in South Africa and tends to be the default choice when it comes to looking for inexpensive TVs and refrigerators.

What many people don’t know is that the company is more than just being a home electronics manufacturer.


In 2013, the company opened a R350 million production factory in Atlantis, a town approximately 40km outside of Cape Town.

Belying popular belief that Chinese companies are taking away jobs from locals, the production factory in Atlantis is responsible for producing over 400 000 TVs and refrigerators and employees over 500 people, 98% of whom are locals from Atlantis and surrounds.


This is clearly something that Hisense South Africa’s General Manager, Mr Youbo Li is very proud of as enriching and empowering the local community.

The TVs produced at the Atlantis factory are of the highest quality, so much so that the company is currently the leading TV brand in South Africa.

“According to GFK data, in March 2016, Hisense, with unit share reaching 24%, ranked No.1 in South Africa’s TV market. This is the first time that Hisense brand achieves No.1 (in unit share) in the overseas markets.

Hisense does well in global high-end TV market. According to HIS data, Hisense 4K TV also shows great growth momentum and ranks world No.3 with an 8.1% unit share. Hisense ranks No.3 with a 9.3% unit share among 55-inch to 59-inch TVs; Hisense occupies the second place in the 50-inch to 54-inch category with the unit share reaching 10.0%. Hisense TV unit share is 5.6%, ranks world No.3,” says Hisense South Africa on their website.

Mr Li says that Hisense South Africa’s overall sales are up by 30% on last year’s sales with their smartphone sales up by an impressive 120%.

Yes the company makes smartphones, and they’re quite good. If you’re looking for a great low-cost waterproof phone then the Infinity KO is the phone for you.


They’re not high-end phones though, which means that the likes of Samsung and iPhone don’t need to be concerned, however that’s not something that Hisense is concerned about.

When speaking to Claire Noyes-Smith, Marketing Department Head at Hisense South Africa, you get the clear feeling that Hisense is not out to battle the giants of the mobile scene, instead choosing to quietly work on continuously improving their product and providing their customers with a great quality product at the lowest possible cost.

The company hinted at new devices to be released in South Africa in the coming months including their incredible 8K ULED TV.

The company is also expanding further into the African market with Mozambique expected to be launched later this year.

Hisense products are currently sold in Mozambique, but this launch will bring support to the existing products and formalise the company’s brand presence in that country.

It’s clear that Hisense is a company who knows exactly what they stand for and while many other companies flounder in the current fluctuating financial and tech markets, they are staying true who they are and quietly, continuously working on improving who they are and their relationships with their customers by providing them with the best value for money products they can.

The key differentiator between Hisense and other companies attempting to do the same thing? Hisense is not sacrificing quality or quantity.



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