HiHelen Website Lauds the Good

HiHelen is a website for South Africans who believe in giving credit where it is due by sharing their experiences of outstanding service. The platform is developed to highlight excellence and positive feedback about businesses and organisations that go all out to provide fantastic customer care.
The brainchild of Helen Szemerei, the website was launched in February and has already attracted a good deal of attention. It celebrates what businesses are doing right. Companies that go beyond in their efforts to provide excellent service, receive accolades from their customers – providing an authentic, honest and very public record for all to see. 
Boosting the economy
Szemerei explains why we need to focus more on the 'ups' when it comes to service delivery. "South Africa needs to attract international investors and what better way than to display that we have much to recommend when it comes to business? Brands love positive feedback and, by drawing attention to the good service standards provided by so many companies and organisations, we are creating a culture of promoting as opposed to breaking down. "
Sylvia Shutte, MD of Stratitude, the agency that created and manages the site, agrees. "Negative news does nothing to instil faith in us as a nation. When business flourishes, our economy flourishes. The knock on effect is more jobs, increased confidence and a better attitude. There is plenty to be proud of in the South African business sector." 
Companies have the opportunity to post the compliments they have received over the years – such emails and letters serve little purpose sitting in a file – now there is an ideal space to display them. 
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